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Sunday, June 04, 2006


This is coolbert:

Canadian authorties have apparently disrupted and arrested a terrorist plot that was in the works.

Seventeen apparently would-be terrorists were taken into custody.

Supposedly had at their disposal three times the amount of ammonium nitrate than was used to construct the bomb detonated at Oklahoma City.

Ammonium nitrate, when mixed with fuel oil, makes for a powerful and easily made explosive. When first devised, was considered to be a big breakthrough in explosives. Easily made, stable, easily detonated, and can be had in almost size for whatever purpose.

"Ammonium nitrate has found many uses as a strong oxidiser component of explosives. Most commonly, it is mixed with a hydrocarbon, usually Diesel fuel (oil) or, sometimes, kerosene. Because of the ready availability in bulk of the raw materials, ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO) mixtures have occasionally been used for improvised bombs, for example by the Provisional IRA and in the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. However the greater bulk of material use in the OKC bombing was an improvised "kinepak" mixture of ammonium nitrate and nitromethane and this is considerably more destructive than ANFO, at least when unconfined."

It appears that the target in this case was the CSIS building. The Canadian national intelligence agency. Destroy up in one fell swoop the main intelligence apparatus of Canada. Severely cripple efforts at anti-terrorism by Canadian authorities.

Even a nation as seemingly innocuous as Canada is a target for terrorists the world over. You would think Canada to be a haven from such sort of terrorist attacks. A friendly nation of friendly people that welcomes immigrants and is NOT considered to be a controversial player on the world stage. But NO.

"Osama bin Laden named Canada as one of five "Christian" nations that should be terror targets. The other countries, the U.S., Britain, Spain and Australia have all been targeted."

Canada, of course is part of the informal military alliance known as ABCA. Australian, British, Canadian, American. Work in a low-profile fashion all over the world, such as in East Timor [American logistics and Australian troops].

Hated by the jihadists.

Bombs such as the ammonium nitrate fuel type explosive, allow for a terrorist capability that exceeds in just enormous magnitudes the bomb-making, bomb-throwing efforts of say the Russian terrorists of the late 1800's. Bombs can be made of a size that are only second in destructive power to atomic weapons. The damage a handful of relatively untrained villains can do with simple means is just extraordinary. Another reason why the war against terrorism the world over must be taken so seriously.




Blogger JB said...

I've the idea that this heightened chance of arrest, is partly why Alqaeda and its similars, show such a strong preference or tendency towards low technology. When you go shopping for materials which can be used for explosives, vulnerability to detection increases greatly. One might wonder whether the Canadian government now considers its openness to moslem immigrants to be such a strength. Also, how did they expect to get such quantities to the parliament or national security buildings which were to be targeted?

3:30 AM


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