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Friday, June 09, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is a very well done web site that shows the various imagery and motifs used on jihadi web sites.

"The Internet is a critical means of communication for the newest generation of terrorist groups. The salafi jihadi movement in particular has used the Internet to pass strategic, operational, and tactical instruction to its followers, becoming adept at utilizing the anonymity and global reach of online communications to promote its message. Visual imagery provides a key aspect of the terroristsÂ’ message in that it allows these groups to paint a picture of their objectives, their enemies, and their strategy through graphics, photographs, and symbols."

Jihadi web sites have just proliferated in the most stupendous numbers. Thousands of them exist??

And are being monitored by western intelligence agencies. The latest round of arrests in Canada of home grown Canadian jihadi terrorists or want-to-be terrorists was as the result of monitoring a web site that led to a chat room, etc. And investigation spurred by comments on the chat room led to the eventual arrests.

Most of these web sites appear to be very well done. The persons creating and running these sites AREknowledgeable in the internet, software, graphics, etc. They DO a good job. NO doubt about it.

Imagery and motifs contained within these web sites are very evocative for Islamic peoples and jihadis the world over. The umma [Muslims the world over, the nation] easily understand this stuff. It has strong emotional value for them.

I have extracted as usual the most pertinent points: [my comments in bold]

"In jihadi images, the sun is generally used to evoke notions of regional identity and the divine, and it may be used literally or figuratively."

This particular graphic is mostinterestingg. Shows the new weapon [AK], the old weapon [sword], the holy book [Koran], and the sun [Divine presence??]. Weapons, book, GOD??, all in harmony.

"The moon is a very important and complex symbol in Islamic culture."

The man shown in the graphic image is probably a "martyr". The moon is one symbol, the horse of course being another important item in Arabic culture. The horse to the Arab is the most revered of all animals ["your name is 'wind'"]. Again, the old ways are evoked. The Muslim warrior on horseback and the great conquests in the time of Muhammad and after the death of same.

"The crescent moon is an important symbol of Islamic identity and may be used either as an abstract symbol or as a realistic representation of an actual moon."

The crescent moon of course is included in the flags of many Islamic nations. An IMPORTANT symbol.

"The green crescent, like the white crescent, carries the meaning of Islamic identity, purity, and religious piety as the white crescent; however, it is a more politicized reference to Islam."

GREEN of course is the color most favored by the Muslim. Since they come from desert lands, you can understand this!! Notice the AK. They so love the AK. Also, the Saudi flag is green with the sword and writings from the Koran on it. They love green

"Jihadi visual propagandists generally employ water in order to evoke notions of purity, the divine, heavenly paradise, and religious piety."

Water gardens and fountains are a major part of the world-famous Alhambra in Spain. The last palace of the last Moorish king of Spain. The Muslims, again, coming from desert lands, love water, gardens, etc. Of course they would!!

Here is another image showing water, horse, swords, all together. All the things the desert dweller is fond of.

"Generally, flowers evoke a sense of both martyrdom and paradise."

Flowers, gardens, etc. Just as it is in the Alhambra. That is Muslim heaven. [where are the black eyed virgins!!!???]

"Palm trees, particularly date palms, are inextricably linked to Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Islamic cultures."

The dead martyr, the AK, the palm tree, all in one. Is that called a collage??

"Figurative depictions of mountains are most commonly used in a manner similar to the images provided, which evokes the grandeur of the divine and aspects of heavenly paradise. They are thus implicitly linked to notions of martyrdom and sacrifice."

The dead jihadi has mountains in the background and water in the foreground. This guy has it all!!

"There is perhaps no landscape in Islamic culture and tradition more evocative and recognizable than the desert."

These folks are desert dwellers that worship a religion that began in a desert land, is this not so!!??

"The lion is an important symbol in Islamic culture. As in Western cultures, the lion evokes qualities of bravery, strength, and valor for Muslim audiences."

A whole host of jihadi leaders here, super-imposed over the picture of the lion.

"The horse is a very important symbol in both Arabic and Islamic culture."

Your name is "wind" and you are exalted above all other animals.

Islamic warriors spread their faith all over the known
world by riding their beloved horses into battle. Always a love of
the old ways among the jihadi.

Osama makes constant references to horses. Says, "the day will come when I mount my steed for the last time". Or, "when one is given the choice of a strong horse, or a weak horse, one will naturally pick the strong horse."

"The Falcon is an important symbol in Islamic culture."

Wealthy Muslims, primarily Arabs, TO THIS DAY scour the world for the rarest, most expensive falcons, engage in falcon hunts the WORLD OVER, and spend stupendous sums of money just in keeping and maintaining menageries of the hunting birds.

Read about falconry and the relationship to jihad.

[I highly recommend reading the above. You will not believe what you read. Or will you!!]

"The snake is a common symbol in the Islamic tradition. It suggests treachery, tyranny, and general evil. The snake is often employed by jihadists to describe their enemies."

That snake looks more like a fish to me. Meaning is not clear.

"There are an endless number of possible meanings for camels in both Islamic and Arab cultures, but the camel has particular importance to Arab culture."

The perfect life on earth for the jihadi would be wandering in the desert with camels for the proverbial forty days and forty dates, subsisting on dates and water. And NO women around either!!

"The weather, particularly natural storms, is commonly understood as an act of God in Muslim cultures."

Look closely at that photo. Is taken in all likelihood from some photo of a tornado in the U.S. Tornadoes are almost exclusively an American phenomenon, NOT found in other parts of the world, and certainly NOT in lands where the jihadi are from. It HAS been suggested on jihadi web sites that storms such as Katrina are ARE REPRISAL FROM GOD UPON AMERICA BECAUSE OF OUR EVIL WAYS!!!

Readers!! I have just extracted the images and described the motifs that deal ONLY WITH nature. There are whole sections more of this stuff. Please look at. Interesting. And I must say, well done too. I think the Muslim and the jihadi like this stuff a lot.





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