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Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is the entire Time magazine article on the death of Zarqawi.

A front cover item of some importance.

Normally something like this would have to researched for some period of time before it was published in Time. That it was done so quickly seems to suggest that an access was granted that is not normally done. Perhaps for PR reasons?? I think that is a fair assumption.

I am again, most curious to see what sort of info is given away in the article that may be reputable. Gives away the "secrets" of how the jihadi madman was tracked down and killed.

Here are extracts from the article. My comments in BOLD!

"U.S. and Jordanian intelligence officials had been tracking the movements of Abdul-Rahman and the courier--whom Jordanian intelligence refers to as Mr. X--for weeks."

The Jordanians were involved in the hunt. Zarqawi was under a sentence of death in Jordan. He masterminded and ordered the attack on the hotel in Amman that killed about sixty Jordanians.

"U.S. intelligence officers intercepted a 17-page letter addressed to Osama bin Laden in which al-Zarqawi expressed concern for his longevity."

It is not good to let Al Qaeda know that their letters were intercepted. They already probably knew this, however. Best to confuse them if you can and not mention this.

"Tips came in from Iraqi insurgents, former Baath Party members loyal to Saddam"

Even those still loyal to Saddam were repulsed by the tactics of Zarqawi??!!

"Jordanian King Abdullah II ordered his intelligence officials to set up a new security branch, the Knights of God, to launch an offensive against terrorists outside the country's borders and eliminate al-Zarqawi."

"one informant, described as neither Jordanian nor Iraqi, made contact with three of al-Zarqawi's couriers."

NOT Jordanian or Iraqi. This is not good to say! Perhaps it is deliberate disinformation!!??

"commandos had monitored every move of Abdul-Rahman, the spiritual adviser, whose locations had been revealed by an al-Qaeda operative captured in May near the Iraq-Jordan border."

"In the wake of the attack, says the Jordanian security official, members of al-Zarqawi's organization in Iraq launched a series of interrogations in search of those who sold out their leader"

The villains are trying to find out who tipped the coalition off to the whereabouts of Zarqawi. I bet a bunch of bad guys are having some bad things done to them by their own people.

"His identity is confirmed through scars, tattoos and fingerprints"

The body must be examined by procedures more or less the same as police forensics. They did have good info in this area. Probably again obtained from the Jordanians. Zarqawi was a Jordanian.

And that is that! Well, they did not give away much. But the fact that the article is so detailed and done so soon after the death of the jihadi tells me that someone at the top want publicity max from this event. And is getting it.




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