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Monday, June 12, 2006


This is coolbert:

Another enduring legacy of the Cold War that to my knowledge has never been satisfactorily cleared up is the mystery of "red rain", "yellow rain".

It was reported in the late 1970's and the early 1980's that the Soviet Union had developed a biological weapon against their was NO known defense. This substance was a biotoxin of an extremely deadly variety. Delivered as a powdery substance, breathed in, death ensuing within hours.

Allegedly field tested first in Laos.

On the Hmong people. Mountain-top dwellers that fought and were loyal to American interests. Originally recruited [early 1960's by U.S. Army Special Forces to fight against the communist Pathet Lao.

When the Vietnam War ended, the Hmong were left to their own devices and the tender mercies [in actuality NOT so tender mercies] of the victorious communists.

It was a few years after the war ended that stories began to emerge from Laos. Reported with some hesitation by the western press. Hmong villagers reported being subjected to attack by aircraft that dropped "red rain" and "yellow rain". Powder dropped upon that made them sick. Many died as a result of such attacks.

Some persons speculated this was "field trials" of a new biologic agent. A biologic agent not known to western intelligence or the medical field.

More skeptical persons speculated that what the Hmong were seeing was bee droppings. Yes, bee droppings. It seems that at certain times of the year, bees, harvesting pollen, will give off red droppings, and at other times of the year, those same bees, again harvesting pollen [presumably from a different source??], give off yellow droppings. And this seems to be true.

According to most news media outlets, that was the end of the story.

Allegations of similar usage of "red rain", "yellow rain" was also mentioned with regard to the war in Afghanistan between Soviet forces and Afghan guerillas.

"Reports exist of T-2 mycotoxin used as a biological warfare agent. The first suspected use was in the country of Laos during the Vietnam War. The report of "yellow rain" in remote sections of jungle in Laos (1975-81), which resulted in more than 6300 deaths, has been viewed as use of T-2 mycotoxin as a biological weapon. Evidence regarding the use of the toxin in Laos remains hotly debated. Other reported uses of T-2 mycotoxin as a biological weapon concern Kampuchea (1979-81) and Afghanistan (1979-81)."

This usage also was NOT confirmed as being definite.

Ken Alibek of course says that he has been asked about "red rain", "yellow rain" many times and says that there is nothing to it, at least to his knowledge.

"Did the Soviet Union ever develop mycotoxins, the
so-called “yellow rain” weapons?" [asked here by the interviewer.]

"No, I have been asked this question many times, and I don’t believe [the allegations]."

That would seem to be the definitive word? What Ken Alibek says! Perhaps NOT!

There are toxins, biologic in nature, that could fit the description of what was endured by the Hmong, and possibly the Afghans as well.

Mycotoxins. Very terrible and virulent naturally occurring poisonous fugal like biologic agents.

These agents are described in the literature under biological agents. Called "yellow rain". "Red rain" is not mentioned in the literature.

Let me suggest a source of mycotoxin bio-agents other than what was found in the labs of Dr. Ken.

As was mentioned by Dr. Alibek, there was a whole host of agencies in the old Soviet Union at work on biological weapons alone.

These included:

* Biopreparat [Ken Alibek's group]
* 15th Directorate
* Ministry of Agriculture
* Several institutes of the Soviet Academy of Sciences
* Ministry of Health
* Ministry of Industry
* other institutions.

Any of these other institutes and agencies could the source of mycotoxin poisons. Even unknown to someone so knowledgeable as Ken Alibek.

Among the "other" agencies and institutes is presumably the KGB. NOW the FIS [Foreign Intelligence Service]

The KGB was known to have carried out, on a regular basis, "wet affairs". Killing of dissidents and known opponents of the Soviet regime. "WET" refers to the spilling of BLOOD.

KGB labs were reputed to have at their disposal a whole range of deadly poisons that were unique and at the instantaneous disposal when needed for "wet" jobs.

Possibly to include mycotoxins in the form of "yellow rain"?? A powdery substance of microscopic particles that can be used for "special purposes"!! Such as assassinating enemies of Russia such as ibn Khattab!!??

"Because of limitations in the manufacture of sufficient quantities, biotoxins are not optimal agents for mass dispersal. This agent is better suited as a small-group assassination tool, since a small amount can be dispersed effectively in enclosed areas. As an assassination tool, T-2 mycotoxins can be used as a food or water-borne poison. The T-2 mycotoxin is the only biologically active toxin effective through dermal exposure and respiratory and gastrointestinal (GI) portals."

["Not optimal agents for mass dispersal", "better suited as a small-group assassination tool", "respiratory . . . portals"]

A letter is dusted with the mycotoxin, folded, sealed in an envelope, and delivered to the target [ibn Khattab in this case]. The envelope is opened, the letter unfolded, the microscopic dust particles form a cloud right in the face of ibn Khattab, are breathed in, and voila', ibn Khattab is a goner!!

My speculation!



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