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Saturday, January 24, 2004


This is coolbert:

We have heard a lot recently about the terrorist threat to the nuclear power plants of the U.S.

How a terrorist of Al Qaeda may want to crash a plane, such as occurred at WTC, 9/11, into a nuclear power plant, to cause a devastating disaster.

This could be a plan that Al Qaeda would be fond of.

The grand gesture terrorist act that is indicative of the Al Qaeda type operation..

And it has been suggested, maybe even been done, to protect the plants from airplane attack by stationing shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles [MANPAD] around the nuke plants. This would in all likelihood be the Stinger.

Now, how effective would a Stinger be against a large airplane such as a 747, 767, or a 777?

Recent evidence seems to suggest a Stinger would not be as effective as one would think.

Evidently two cargo jets taking off from Baghdad airport were hit recently by shoulder fired SAM's and were able to successfully return for a safe landing. Scarred but not downed.

This does not seem to bode well for a Stinger bringing down a large commerical jet either, does it?

Perhaps even more defensive measures are needed to protect nuke plants?

Something from the WW2 era, for instance.

What I have in mind here is the barrage balloon.

Tethered balloon hoisting aloft a hefty steel cable. Balloons are launched around the plant to say an altitude of 1000 feet or so. These cables present a serious obstacle to an in-coming aircraft. Not able to avoid the cables if the balloons are positioned just right. The plane's wings hit the cable and are sawed through. Or even explosives can be attached to the cable. An impact from the airplane will set the explosives off and blow the plane out of the sky.

And perhaps another WW2 measure will help too.

Smoke pots.

A number of smoke pots are ignited when a terrorist controlled aircraft approaches.

Will obscure the nuke building and prevent the terrorist pilot from aiming for and making a direct hit. Perhaps a number of close by sites could also "pop" smoke, so as to confuse the terrorist pilot. These measure, along with the use of Stingers, should greatly enhance the security to nuke plants from suicidal, determined terrorists, hijacking a commerical airliner.




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