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Monday, February 04, 2008


This is coolbert:

Here are some interesting photographs, courtesy of the weblog, "Jungle Trader"

Warriors from one hundred years ago. Armed in the traditional manner.

Carrying edged weapons which at the time was part of the standard manner of dress. All young men of the tribe found it obligatory to carry a sword and blade of some sort. Prepared to fight at a moments notice, and not just for show!

First we have the Dayak. From the warrior tribe of Borneo.

The caption accompanying this photo is not quite correct. Says that the Dayak no longer practice headhunting. Wrong!! They still do. During recent communal rioting on the island of Borneo, heads were taken, and taken evidently with relish.

Next we have the Bishara warrior. From what is now the Sudan.

Please note the dagger and the shield. That "knob in the center of the shield, more correctly called a "boss", allows the shield to be used as an offensive weapon, for striking and not merely parrying.

"boss - - 3. an ornamental protuberance of metal, ivory, etc.; stud."

[NOT just for ornamental purposes. Adds heft, solidity, strength!]

I so do love these old photos. A vanished part of human history that lasted for thousands of years, NOW GONE with rare exceptions!!




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