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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is coolbert:

"It is commonly accepted that Stalin made extensive preparations for the future war and that he planned to exploit the military conflict between the 'capitalist' countries to his advantage"

It should be realized that the Soviet Union did NOT see itself as a passive player on the world stage.

Did see itself as being in the vanguard of “world revolution”. Asserting itself in many ways, ultimately using military force when the “time was ripe”. The eventual goal being a world either dominated by or totally converted over [by force if necessary] to the communist ideology.

The Soviet defector Boris Bajanov, in the 1920’s, revealed valuable intelligence to the “great powers” [France and England], regarding this state of affairs and Soviet intentions.

NO PERSON could have been better place to inform in this regard.

Bajanov had been: [during the early 1920’s]

* Personal secretary to Joseph Stalin.

* Personal secretary to the Politburo. [ruling communist elite of the Soviet Union prior to Stalin assuming sole dictatorial powers.]

According to Bajanov: [from the book "Storm Petrels" by Gordon Brook-Shepard]

"a series of Politburo discussions in the early twenties (all of which Bajanov had attended at secretary) to decide whether war with the West should be regarded as 'probably' or virtually 'unavoidable.' There was a parallel clash of views as to whether the Soviet Union should try to precipitate the struggle or postpone it . . . The politburo finally decided that war was indeed unavoidable, but hedged its bets . . . to delay a conflict as long as possible, while the Soviet armed forces were told to prepare for it as soon as possible."

The Politburo HAD contemplated the waging of war with the “capitalist world”. Had concluded that war WAS inevitable.


The OGPU [secret police] urged that the Soviet precipitate and initiate the war. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while agreeing that war WAS inevitable, did not favor the same approach as the OGPU.

BUT, military development and preparation for a war with the “capitalists” would continue. WAR WOULD OCCUR , that was agreed. The Soviets would NOT merely remain inert, respond ONLY when attacked, but would take the initiative, “if conditions were ripe”.

Stalin, in 1941, did feel that “conditions were ripe”? Big Red was going to make the big move west?

For those that are interested in the subject of defectors from the Soviet Union, the books by Gordon Brook-Shepard, "The Storm Petrels", and the "Storm Birds", are well worth reading. I recommend highly.




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