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Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is coolbert:

In this prior blog entry, I had mentioned some unusual celestial phenomenon that preceded or coincided with military events that were of a momentous nature. Unusual celestial phenomenon duly noted and taken into account by “wise men” of the time as a precursor or an omen of “things to come”.

[the term “wise men” as mentioned in the Bible more correctly translates as astrologer!!]

Phenomenon to include:

Total solar eclipse followed six days later by a total lunar eclipse - - 1400 B.C. - - Delhi [Kuravas vs Pandavas].

Total solar eclipse - - 1778 A.D. - - Falls of the Ohio [American vs. British].

Total solar eclipse - - 1914 A.D. - - Tannenberg. [German vs. Russian].

Annular solar eclipse - - 1876 - - Isandhlwana. [Zulu vs. British].

[at Isandhlwana, the eclipse actually took place while the battle was in progress. For a brief period, the battlefield became dark What the participants must have thought at that actual moment one can only guess at!!]

Haley’s Comet - - 66 A.D. [Jerusalem] - - 1066 A.D. [Hastings].

And this one too. Totally escaped me at the time. But is worthy of comment:

Total lunar eclipse - - 331 B.C. - - Gaugamela - - [Macedonians vs. Persian].

A total lunar eclipse that occurred just prior to the battle itself. A lunar eclipse observed by Babylonian “wise men” and interpreted according to astrological teachings. Interpretation that proved TO BE CORRECT!!

It would seem that Alexander the Great WAS DIVINELY ORDAINED TO BECOME RULER OF THE KNOWN WORLD!!?? Obvious to the initiated!!??

"Lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse took place on 20 September 331 BC one hour and 10 minutes after sunset, while Saturn was present and Jupiter had set shortly before the eclipse was complete. A lunar eclipse while Jupiter was invisible was considered a bad omen for the reigning king. The presence of Saturn was also a bad sign.This will have added to the panic in the camp of Darius III."

"No Chaldaean could have been surprised by this outcome of the battle . . . Here is the explanation:"

"If on either the 13th or 14th Ulûlu the moon is dark; the watch passes and it is dark; his features are dark like lapis lazuli; he is obscured until his midpoint; the west quadrant - as it covered, the west wind blew; the sky is dark; his light is covered."

"[the significance is:] The son of the king will become purified for the throne but will not take the throne. An intruder will come with the princes of the west; for eight years he will exercise kingship; he will conquer the enemy army; there will be abundance and riches on his path; he will continually pursue his enemies; and his luck will not run out."

Could it also be that Alexander KNEW that this lunar eclipse was going to occur and took this into account as part of his campaign planning??

"The lunar eclipse is also known from Greek and Latin sources, which mention that Alexander sacrificed to the sun, moon, and earth (incidentally proving that the Macedonian king knew what caused an eclipse) . . . there is a lot more to be said about this omen."

Shock and awe? Psychological warfare? Read about a hand-cranked mechanical COMPUTER from the era of the ancient Greeks that DID allow for eclipse prediction. Amazing!!!



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