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Saturday, April 07, 2007


This is coolbert:

Form a comment to the blog:

"the 'Michigan Hum' . . . the 'Taos Hum' . . . the HAARP project in Alaska. Ostensibly for research, there are conspiracy theories that it is some kind of weather control experiment. It might be a test platform for certain kinds of communications. I also think elephants use ultra low frequency communications to 'talk' to each other from far away"

I know that Governor Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, now running for President, is keenly aware of and interested in the Taos Hum. The Governor did query the military about this supposed phenomenon and was told that "the military has a project". And that was that!? Nothing more?!



Being run by the University of Alaska with military backing. "Exploring the ionosphere to find ways to "exploit" this upper atmospheric layer.

[HAARP is not to be confused with HARP. The latter was the High Altitude Research Project run by the late Dr. Bull in the 1960's. Was the experimentation with long range naval artillery guns to orbit satellites!!]

"Program Purpose" [HAARP]

"HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes."

Read here about HAARP ELF research and the value of same to the Navy.

Read further about HAARP from an anti-HAARP web site.

"HAARP aims to learn how to 'exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes.' Communicating with submarines is only one of those purposes."

Back in my day, the controversy centered around the "Russian Woodpecker". A particularly obnoxious transmission emanating from the Soviet Union. A lot of speculation was bandied about AS TO WHAT EXACTLY THESE WOODPECKER-SOUNDING TRANSMISSIONS ON THE HIGH FREQUENCY BANDS WERE!!

[when you heard the "woodpecker" like sounds, a rapping of about ten "taps" per second, you DID have to ask your self, "what the hell is that!!"]

The "Russian Woodpecker" was a pest on the high frequency bands for over a decade, the transmission ceasing on or about the Chernobyl disaster. It had been theorized that this was an over-the-horizon [OTH] radar being fielded by the Soviet with the intention of detecting low-flying, incoming cruise missiles. That was the consensus at the time.

As with HAARP, all sorts of fantastic stuff was attributed to the "Russian Woodpecker".

"When the transmissions were first detected in the West, some suggested that the Soviets were developing a new radio system for communicating with strategic submarines. Others suggested that it was designed to detect and track low-flying aircraft or missiles. Far less plausible theories extended to suggestions the Soviets were trying to modify the weather; experimenting with radio waves to control human behavior; or developing a weapon to shoot down nuclear-tipped missiles"

It seems that Russian Woodpecker WAS an OTH radar designed to detect incoming intercontinental missiles launched from the U.S., AND NOTHING MORE.

This was called Steel Yard by NATO.

"provide warning of missile launches by detecting alterations in ionosphere propagation caused by the depletion of ions by missile exhaust plumes."

Most of those conspiracy theories are a lot of hot air and that is that. These off-the-wall projects and experimentation the military/government has historically engaged in were found to either not be feasible or were not controllable.

At least the "Russian Woodpecker" is gone.

As to this comment:

"I also think elephants use ultra low frequency communications to 'talk' to each other from far away"

Absolutely! Infra-sound, well below the range of frequencies that HUMANS can hear at, is used by what has been found to be ever increasing numbers of species.

"Other animals, such as giraffes and elephants use INFRASOUND to communicate over thousands of miles, while lions use it to stun or paralyze prey."

Elephants and whales have been found to be able to communicate over very long distances with infra-sound. It has been theorized that prior to the advent of steam ships plying the oceans, whales could communicate with one another at vast distances, thousands of miles even, using infra-sound.

Whoa boy!!!



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