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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Three Block.

This is coolbert:

Here is a concept we should all be aware of. A concept that I had not heard of until today. A concept that has been around, in an institutionalized manner, since 1998?

The Three Block War concept.

Described by Marine General Krulak in a nutshell thusly:

"In one moment in time, our service members will be feeding and clothing displaced refugees - providing humanitarian assistance. In the next moment, they will be holding two warring tribes apart - conducting peacekeeping operations. Finally, they will be fighting a highly lethal mid-intensity battle. All on the same day, all within three city blocks. It will be what we call the Three Block War." - - General Krulak - 31st Commandant - United States Marine Corps.

The latest and news U.S. Army counter-insurgency [COIN] manual incorporates heavily the "Three Block War" concept?

[General Petraeus is mentioned as the man who "wrote" this manual. Evidently is was written in concert between Petraeus and USMC General Mattis of Fallujah fame.]

You really have to ask yourself this question. "What good is being able to exploit the ionosphere with HAARP, develop submarines with liquid-metal cooled nuclear reactors or even have in your inventory a F-22 Raptor fighter plane if 'Three Block War' is what will be seen in the future??"

You can access a whole lot of links that describe and comment on the "Three Block War" here.



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