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Sunday, December 10, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is an article from the New Duranty Times [New York Times] that describes with great fairness and excellent reporting, another deteriorating situation in Africa.

A deteriorating man-made situation now engulfing the Central African Republic.

A deteriorating man-made military crisis related to Sudan, the janjaweed, Chad, and internal rebels of various factions.

Typical wholesale slaughter, seemingly mindless, and done for the most crass and base purposes.

There has been a definite spill-over effect from the genocidal campaign of the Sudanese "central government" in Khartoum.

* First, the janjaweed attack the population of Darfur, forcing them to flee across the border into Chad for safety.

* The the janjaweed cross the border in pursuit of the refugees, aided and abetted by another rebel force seeking to overthrow the "central government" of Chad.

* The rebels from Chad in turn seek sanctuary in the Central African Republic, fomenting violence and creating even more chaos.

The entire African continent is just becoming the worst basket-case imaginable. The people of all regions are just so destitute and disease ridden to begin with. War just complicates an already desperate situation by magnitudes.

A continent so rich in natural resources is just going down the tubes, and fast too!! African peoples are reverting back to the Stone Age. A Stone Age where combatants possess AK-47's.

"There are struggles for money, for power, for lust, greed, because of just plain meanness." [the old Malay hand.]

* Money.

* Power.

* Lust.

* Greed.

* Meanness.

All of the above present in Africa in abundance!!

[I recall that the mid-1970's, the Central African Republic was ruled by a one Jean-Bedel Bokassa. Deemed himself worthy enough to be crowned as an "Emperor". Declared the Central African Republic as an "Empire". And built a cathedral that was deliberately calculated to be bigger than St. Peter's in the Vatican!!]



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