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Sunday, August 13, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is a report from a blogger that has actually visited the border area between Israel and Lebanon.

First hand reporting concerning the current fighting that is very well done.

Replete with photos and just plain good reporting.

Of course, this is from the Israeli side of things. Keep that in mind.

Some interesting points:

On the tunnel complexes the Hezbollah evidently have constructed well in advance of the fighting:

“Some things, yes,” he said. “We destroyed a lot of their infrastructure. They had more weapons and more underground bunkers and tunnels than we had any idea. People coming out of there say it’s vast

Regarding the quality of the Hezbollah fighters:

"They're the same," he said. "They're good. These guys are are very experienced. They have been fighting of a long time. But we've killed more than 25 percent of their fighting force. I think they'll break. All armies break. Killing even one percent of a Western army is a disaster. It's prohibitive."

"hardly any journalists have mention this," Dan said. "But at the very beginning of this thing, when Hezbollah captured our soldiers, they also tried to invade, conquer, and hold the town of Metulla along with two other towns. And they were repulsed."

[I admit, I did not hear this anywhere!]

This all according to two IDF [Israel Defense Forces] spokesmen, one of whom is a Hollywood screen writer [one wonders what Mel Gibson would say about that??].

This to me almost sounds like a Vietnam War type of thing.

* The enemy has a capacity we did not know about [tunnels], but we have destroyed them.

* The enemy is tough, but we are killing a lot of them, they will break.

* The enemy tried to capture and hold a town [Tet Offensive], but we stopped them.

A good report from a blogger. Bloggers are everywhere.


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