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Thursday, August 10, 2006


This is coolbert:

From a comment made by a reader:

[My responses in BOLD]

"Please forgive the off-topic questions. You may have noted IDF General Udi Adan has been effectively superceded at Northern Command by the Deputy Chief of Staff, General Kaplinsky.

I do not consider this any of this to be off-topic questions? Is actually very pertinent!!

One: Doesn't Israeli war cabinet direction define Northern Command operations?

I would think the Israeli war cabinet would define all military operations of their forces. This is not a nation where the military goes off beam on it's own. In this case, you can see there is a large degree of micro-management. Or so I infer.

Two: If a commander is instructed to perform a task, provided inadequate resources to perform the task, and the task is something of a muddle, what is he to do? The question is not rhetorical.

To this there is no easy answer! Have a imaginative and inspired staff that can offer plans, suggestions, etc.? The commander must plead his case in person and offer resignation if he is not back up fully? NO easy answer!

Three: As I understand it, General Adan's immediate previous assignment was as IDF's chief logistician. Could such a senior speciallst correctly be appointed to command infantry/all service combinations in the U.S. Armed Forces or the British military?

I cannot ever see such a similar situation existing in either the U.S. or British military. Or perhaps in the military of any other self-respecting military in the world with combat experience. Almost without exception, perhaps exclusively, a major combat command is given to officers with either combat experience or experience in combat arms of some sort. Infantry, armor, artillery, air defense, combat aviation.

Think the following:

Westmoreland - - Vietnam - - artillery.

Gulf War One - - Schwarzkopf - - infantry.

Kosovo - - Clark - - armor.

Gulf War Two - - Franks - - artillery.

Nuff' said!!




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