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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Body Armor.

This is coolbert:

Accompanying that January 2005 article about the Italic peoples is a photo of a life size statue called the "Warrior of Capestrano".

"He represents a king [King Pumpuledio] of the Vestini, an Adriatic coast people, and he was made sometimes during the sixth century B.C., to stand foursquare a top a grave mound to alert travelers that they were approaching his territory. Impassive, armed, he stood ready to defend his land . . . He clasps a sword and an ax, objects identical to those found in real tombs. He wears a fantastic broad-brimmed hat [looks like a Mexican sombrero] . . . A disk covers his heart, and a strap connects it to the protective disk on his back." [the King appears to be bare-chested]

Of interest to me is the protective disk covering his heart, with a similar disk on his back.

[the bottom object in the above photo is a girdle of some sort used to protect the loins.]

From the photo of the King's statue, I am able to determine that this disk is about six and one half inches [6 1/2"] in diameter.

This is interesting. Centered as this disk, of the size that it is, on the chest.

These modern men [experts] that study gunshot wounds and death have all came to the same conclusion. There is a vital spot on the human body, about eight inches [8"] in diameter, centered on the human chest. A high-power firearm round fired into this spot will cause almost certainly result in death. NO matter how quick and proficient the medical help rendered to the gunshot victim, a wound in this part of the body more or less dooms you.

It seems the ancients 2600 years ago had came to the same conclusion. NO gunshot wounds back then of course. Sword and spear thrusts. The result was the same. Death!! Protect that area, both front and back, as did King Pumpuledio, and you live. Otherwise, you may die!!



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