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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 22.

This is coolbert:

August 22. Mark that date on your calendar prominently. Just two weeks away today.

August 22 is a significant day in Islamic history. A day that few outside the Islamic world would appreciate.

Professor Bernard Lewis, a man described as perhaps the most eminent scholar of Islam in the western world, has pointed out [scroll down to the fifth entry for 8 August] with a tremendous sense of urgency that the WHOLE WORLD should hold it's collective breath on this day. NOT long off now.

Read why this is. The talk of the radio talk show world today [both Bill Bennett and Michael Medved have discussed this]. Maybe you have already heard. If you have not heard, YOU SHOULD!!

Well, we WILL hold our breath and mark that day on the calendar. But NOT look forward with anticipation. YOU JUDGE!

[my own impression is that when someone as prominent as Lewis makes such a comment, you must at least PAY ATTENTION!!]




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me put it this way I was born into a Azeri Shia family, although not a muslim anymore, I did attend Islamic Maddrssas in Iran.

This date is relatively insignificant, also Iranian mullahs are not as suicidal as (downright sane compared to) Hezbollah.

9:37 PM

Anonymous JSBolton said...

Maybe he's hinting that permission to fire a longer range missile will be given to Hezbollah for that night.
They may have the capacity to send a dirty bomb, which would cause an evacuation.
If Iran goes nuclear, though, they can be nuked. Iran is afraid of being invaded; one can tell by the way they have hezbollah supporters carrying placards which say 'don't invade Iran'.

3:07 AM

Anonymous Big Al said...

I can't imagine that it would be just hot air. The leaders of Iran know that although the West is cursed with a short memory, our memories are not so short that we will have forgotten these threats by 8/24 if nothing is forthcoming on 8/22. If our emotions go from wariness to mockery over a non-incident then Iran will lose a bit of leverage over those of us who can be manipulated by their threats. Also, perhaps more importantly, a lot of talking-the-talk without walking-the -walk will cause Amini... you-know-who to lose face in the "Islamic Street", something a wanna be King-pin such as himself would fear.

4:45 PM


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