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Monday, July 24, 2006


This is coolbert:

In a number of my blog entries, I have quoted extensively from an interview that Amos Oz, the Israeli novelist, did with a man he refers to as "Z". An interview that comprised an entire chapter in the 1982 Oz book,"In The Land of Israel".

An interview that has stirred up and created a lot of controversy since the book was first released. This is way back in 1982.

A lot of folks have inferred that the man called "Z", who is actually not identified, is Ariel Sharon.

I do not believe this to be true.

However, the belief that "Z" is Sharon seems to have a lot of credence on various web sites.

Such as:

The two above web sites most categorically state that the man called "Z" is Sharon. The above two web sites portray "Z" as a Judeo-Nazi, genocidal, militaristic, cruel, even craven and calculating in his malevolency toward all opponents of Israel.

Again, I do not believe that the man being interviewed by Oz was Sharon.

I have reasonably inferred that "Z" was the late Rehavam Zee'vi.

Those particular web sites, and they are abundantly anti-Israeli, extract and reprint only those portions of the interview they wish to display.

[again, only those extracts they wish to reprint.]

They do not include this particular passage:

"What's so terrible about being a civilized people, respectable, with a slight criminal past? It happens in the best of families. And I've already told you that I'm willing to take the criminal record on myself, together with Sharon and Begin and General Eitan.

[This quote taken from the book, "In The Land of Israel", by Amos Oz, First Vintage Books Edition, September 1984.]

"Z" is described as being:

* Living "in a pleasant farmhouse on one of the veteran farming villages"

* About fifty years old.

Such a description could well fit either Zee'vi or Sharon. Sharon did have a "ranch" where he raised cattle. Zee'vi evidently too had some connection to Israeli settler communities, kibbutz or moshav.

Both men in 1982 were about fifty.

Since "Z" mentions "myself, together with Sharon and Begin and General Eitan", I would have to think my inference is pretty right on the money.

In addition, fancy this:

Here is what Oz himself had to say about Sharon:

"Amos Oz - - The Guardian"

"I have never met him personally. I have never been in the same room with him."

Does that clinch it or not??!!

I would even go so far to say that Oz deliberately used the initial "Z" to tell his knowledgeable readers who he was referring to. My assumption.

Reasonably, I feel that "Z" WAS Zee'vi.




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