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Monday, June 19, 2006

Bronze Star.

This is coolbert:

 From an anonymous commentator:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "4/01/2005 11:53:00 PM":

There has been speculation for years that Artie Klein was not awarded the Medal of Honor because he was Jewish. Your allegation that he wasn't awarded the MOH because of his prior enlisted service is unfounded. Most MOH go to enlisted men, and many go to mustang officers-like Audie Murphy. Ethnic and religious discrimination were both socially acceptable and much more common place during WWII than now, and that is a more likely explanation for the Army's failure to properly recognize this great American."

Anonymous is correct. My original blog entry from 4/01/05 was unclear. I have edited and the pertinent blog entry paragraphs read now:

"Klein was awarded the Bronze Star, and evidently did not make a squawk about being NOT awarded a higher decoration. Persons at Eniwetok, senior commanders, who DID NOT see combat as Klein did, WERE awarded medals beyond that of the Bronze Star.

That Omak did NOT make a fuss regarding the decoration he was awarded was in keeping with Klein having been a professional enlisted man prior to being commissioned. Klein knew full well how the military works and how decisions are made that on many are occasions arbitrary, capricious, and unfair. As it was in this case!

Without men such as Klein, who go about their jobs without fuss or any ado, battles cannot be won. To such persons as Artie Klein the desire to do the job well, takes precedence over the winning of medals."

What I mean to suggest is that Klein, being a professional military man, with both enlisted and then officer experience, knew all too well the workings of the military. That he did not get a higher award was not a major concern to him. That others got higher awards AND WERE NOT EVEN IN THE COMBAT must have troubled him, but I would suspect not excessively. He was a man whose mind was on the mission and getting the mission done. And HE DID. Klein knew that if he made a "squawk" or a "fuss" it would not have accomplished anything, other than ruffle some feathers in high places. Again I suspect Klein was more interested in things that MATTER, such as fighting and defeating the enemy.

Klein was later killed on Okinawa. A big blow!!

Anyone know where on the web there is a good picture of Klein!!??



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