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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Port Blair.

This is coolbert:

All throughout the Second World War, [WW2], and even before that, the Japanese Army engaged in the type of atrocities one only associates normally with the Nazis and the Soviets.

Some of these atrocities are well known and remembered. Such as the Rape of Nanking [China], and the Bataan Death March [Philippines]. And yet, most of the atrocities committed by the Japanese are not well known.

And there seems to be a very big contradiction here. In their home islands, the Japanese are noted for their law abiding nature and politeness. Saint Francis Xavier is reputed to have said about the Japanese, "among the heathen we shall find no people that exceed the Japanese in manners". And yet, when outside the home islands, especially during WW2, the Japanese, for some reason, behaved in many instances as brutes and savages. The politeness was not only gone, it was replaced by a lack of any norms of civilized behavior. A Jekyll and Hyde mannerism that is hard to explain.

A perfect example of a little know but nonetheless horrendous Japanese atrocity occurred on the Andaman Islands. Islands located between the Dutch East Indies and Indian in the Bay of Bengal. both in 1942 and 1945 the Japanese perpetrated atrocity that is hard to understand:


(March 23, 1942) Japanese forces occupied the British controlled Andaman Islands.

They met no resistance from the local population but within hours the 'Sons of Heaven' started an orgy of looting, raping and murder.

Unbelievable orgies were perpetrated in the towns and villages with women and young girls forcibly raped and young boys sodomized [in their own land, such behavior was totally unthinkable].

In Port Blair, eight high-ranking Indian officials were tortured then buried up to their chests in pits they were forced to dig. Their chests, heads and eyes were then prodded with bayonets after which the pit was sprayed with bullets until the helpless victims were all dead.

The Director of Health and President of the Indian Independence League [a group that favored independence of India from Britain, a group that was favorable to the Japanese!], Diwan Singh, was arrested and nearly 2,000 of his Peace Committee associates incarcerated in the local jail and subjected to the water treatment, electric shocks and other unspeakable forms of torture for eighty two days.

Those left alive were then taken out to the country and shot and buried.

After the massacre the Japanese resorted to a reign of terror, women were abducted and taken to the officers club to be raped by the officer elite [this sort of behavior by senior officers speaks of a total breakdown of discipline and order].

A shipload of Korean girls was brought in to participate in this 'sport'.

During the three and a half years of Japanese occupation, out of the 40,000 population of Port Blair around 30,000 were brutally murdered.

The small islands of the Andamans were left a scene of utter devastation.

This was Japan's way of helping India get her freedom from the British."


( August 14, 1945 )

Situated midway between the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, lie the tranquil Andaman Islands. As the food shortage became acute during the last month of the war, the Japanese occupiers decided to exterminate all those who were no longer useful or employable. All were deprived of their personal possessions and household goods before being embarked on three boats. About two kilometers from the shore of the uninhabited Havelock Island they were forced to jump into the sea and swim to the beach. Most of them, around a hundred, drowned on the way and those who made it were abandoned to die of starvation. Of the original 300 who landed only eleven were alive six weeks later. The next day, 800 Indian civilians were rounded up and transported to another uninhabited island, Tarmugli. Transferred to the island in small boats, they wandered aimlessly on the beach waiting for further orders. Soon, a detachment of 19 Japanese troops arrived and what followed was one of the most heinous crimes in the annals of the Pacific war. It took the detachment just over an hour to slaughter all but two of the 800 victims by shooting and bayoneting. Next day, August 15, 1945, the day of the Japanese surrender, a burial detail of troops arrived to remove all traces of the massacre. Within twenty-four hours all 798 bodies were collected and burned in funeral pyres until only fragmented bones and ashes remained. The ashes were then buried in deep pits dug on the beach. In a gross miscarriage of justice, the Japanese officer responsible was sentenced to only two years in prison by a British Military Court."

There is something very strange about these "incidents".

It seems that many of the persons murdered on the Andamans were followers of Chandra Bose, an Indian agitator and Axis collaborator who hoped for Axis victory in WW2 as a means of gaining Indian independence from Britain. THE PEOPLE THE ATROCITIES WERE PERPETRATED AGAINST WERE FOR THE MOST PART PERSONS WHO WELCOMED AND HOPED FOR JAPANESE VICTORY. PERSONS WHO WANTED A JAPANESE INVASION OF THE ANDAMANS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

In addition, please note the date of August 14 and August 15, 1945. This is the day before and the day of the Japanese surrender. You would have reasonably have thought that at least by this time the Japanese would have seen the handwriting on the wall and realized that further uncivilized and beastly behavior was NOT in the THEIR interests. But NO!! What was the mentality behind this, I just cannot say?

It should also be kept in mind that at the time of the Japanese surrender there were still about 300,000 allied internees and POW's in the hands of the Japanese. If not for the speedy end of the war in the Pacific brought about by the use of atomic weaponry, many of those 300,000 persons at the hands of the Japanese would have undoubtedly suffered the same fate as the people of the Andaman Islands!!!

"British/Indian troops landed on the Islands after the Japanese surrender,in October 1945."





Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be mentioned that the Japanese Occupation Force's Commanders in these Islands were veterans of "The Rape of Nanking". If that gives you any idea of their need for brutality and mass rape.

For the record, I hold no anger for the "modern day" Japanese People. As I am indeed a great fan of Anime and Manga......................... But, I'm adamantly disgusted to the point of deep rage and anger towards their older generation's for falling into an "even deeper pit of denial" than the older generation of German's did for their lack of taking responcebility. It has taken longer by several generation's for many Japanese to accept their countries reponcebility for such as, compared to the German's to do so...........................The next generation of German's just after the war immediatelly called their parent's out on the carpet for their evilness and insanity. This sadly took until the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren's generation in Japan.............................An interesting detail that's very intriguing is that the "current Emperor", Emperor Akahito has publicly admitted that his father Hirohito was an extremely heinous war criminal and publicly appologized for such. Yet the Japanese Government dances around and won't admit to such as directly.

4:08 AM


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