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Monday, October 04, 2004

Lindbergh & Winterbotham.

This is coolbert:

The following blog is speculation on my part. Please keep that in mind when reading this blog entry.

The famous author Phillip Roth has written a what-if novel that has been recently published. This novel is set in the year 1940. A Republican ticket headed by Charles Lindbergh has defeated Franklin Roosevelt. Not only has Lindbergh become President, but he, "Lucky Lindy" has instituted a fascist regime in America. And in this Lindbergh governed America, Jews are a target of persecution and must find haven where ever they can.

The conventional wisdom existing to this day is that Lindbergh was a sympathizer to the fascist regimes such as existed in pre-World War Two [WW2] Germany.

And there seems to be a large body of evidence that leads one to believe that this is true. Lindbergh did make a number of trips to Germany prior to the outbreak of war, and was wined and dined by the Nazi hierarchy, to the delight of the various Nazi party bosses at the highest echelons.

Lindbergh returned from Germany just full of glowing reports of how well Germany was being run and how well the fascist regime was succeeding in creating a "better" society. Lindbergh was also apparently enamored of Nazi "race" theories, especially eugenics, and even went so far as to sire at least three children with German women [all the while presenting the image of a happily married man]. Lindbergh was a popular speaker on the subject of Nazi Germany prior to the WW2, and almost without exception gave positive and favorable reviews of what was in reality a brutal dictatorship.

This all came as both a surprise and a disappointment to the many admirers of Lindbergh.

Please keep in mind that attitudes like that of Lindbergh's were while not common were not rare either in the years prior to the outbreak of WW2. It was felt by many distinguished persons of that era that, as I have said in prior blog entries, the forces of capitalist democracy had run their course. An alternative had to be found. For some it was world communism. For others, it was the various fascist movements found throughout the world.

Now, with regard to the speculation of mine regarding Lindbergh, consider the experiences of F.W. Winterbotham, the man who headed security for the British Ultra secret [the decryption, and production of intelligence based upon the intercept of secret German messages] during WW2.

In the years prior to the start of WW2, Winterbotham, at his own initiative, infiltrated the highest echelons of the Nazi regime for the purpose of developing intelligence on the German Air Force [Luftwaffe]. Winterbotham did this while posing as a NAZI SYMPATHIZER. According to the account as given by Winterbotham:

"In December 1929 I got the job [Air Force liaison intelligence officer to the British Secret Service]; my task to find out from secret sources what foreign air forces were up to.

By 1933 Nazi euphoria had closed down most of the secret agents I had managed to get hold of in German, and Nazi rearmament had begun. I decided to do something about it personally and upset the protocol and tradition of the Head Office [HO] of the Secret Service by going to Germany myself.

By 1934 I had obtained personal contact with the Head of State, Hitler, and with Alfred Rosenberg, the official Nationalist Party philosopher, and Foreign Affairs expert, Rudolph Hess, Hitler's Deputy, Erick Koch and some of the senior serving officers of the Army and Air Force, . . . I got them to disgorge from the 'horse's mouth' much of what we wanted to know.

From my personal meetings with Hitler I learned about this basic belief that the only hope; for an ordered world was that it should be rule by three super powers . . . From General Walther von Reichenau . . . I learned in 1934 details of the German plans against Russia . . . From Air Force General Albert Kesselring I discovered the composition of the air fleets and how the operation of dive bombing had finally been perfected . . . but perhaps more than anything else I gained some insight into the character and mentality of these top Nazis, their attitude and thought patterns, figures of speech and mental images, which was to prove most useful during the war."

Further, according to Winterbotham:

"He [Sinclair, head of the British Secret Service] seemed the only person to understand how and why I had become the confidante of the Nazi hierachy. Somehow the Nazis seemed unable to communicate with the career diplomats, and Rosenberg, himself an amateur, preferred to explain Nazi policy to another amateur. In my case as a 'supposed' admirer of the regime, they believed I could influence my friends in high places in London in their favor and achieve the neutrality of Britain in their coming wars. . . . and copies of the reports I was supposed to have submitted to the FO were described by Rosenberg as 'glowing' in a memo to Hitler.

The weeks I spent each year from 1934-8 traveling freely about Germany with Rosenberg, Hess, Koch or the ADC Rosenberg supplied me with, gave me an almost unique insight into the Nazi plans for the future and perhaps more important into the mentalities of these men, including Hitler.

If I expressed a desire to know more about any subject, then either Hitler or Rosenberg would give some expert the green light to talk to me."

This is the account of Winterbotham. All the time acting the role as a SYMPATHIZER of the Nazi regime while in actuality spying on them. And apparently successfully too! [Winterbotham's cover was later "blown" and he was warned to not return to Germany].

Now, following this long winded account of the activities of Winterbotham, is it not beyond possibility that Lindbergh was FULFILLING A SIMILAR ROLE, but for the U.S., not for Britain??

Lindbergh was an acknowledged expert on aviation of all sorts.

And it is a fact that during his visits to Germany, he was given tours of the German Air Force.

Lindbergh's opinion on aviation matters WERE sought out by the Nazis. Lindbergh could have been giving his opinion while in return getting valuable intelligence on the nature of the aviation threat posed by the Nazis.

As with Winterbotham, Lindbergh did seem to enjoy a rapport with the Nazi hierarchy. A rapport that would undoubtedly include conversations of the most sensitive nature. Just as with Winterbotham, insights into the mindset, ideas and concepts of the Nazi leaders could be obtained. Priceless intelligence that cannot be underestimated.

Was this the case with Lindbergh in the years prior to the war?

WAS he posing as a Nazi sympathizer all the while acting as an agent for U.S. intelligence??

If so, this has been a secret that has really been well kept. Perhaps someone knows about this? Perhaps archives can reveal the truth about Lindbergh and the Nazi connection he seems to have had. I know there are a lot of biographies about Lindbergh. It would be interesting to see what they have to say about this.

This interesting but little known fact about Lindbergh has come to light. During the war itself, "Lindy" toured the Pacific theatre as a representative of U.S. aviation manufacturers. To evaluate the performance of U.S. aircraft. And during these tours, he engaged, against the rules, in aerial combat against Japanese aircraft and shot down in dogfights enough Japanese planes to qualify as an ace!! All this while being in civilian status and not authorized to fly combat missions!!



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