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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


This is coolbert:

It seems that the death of General officers in combat due to RADIO INSECURITY [as occurred with General Ware in Vietnam] is not confined to the American Army.

During the Yom Kippur/Ramadan War of 1973, Egyptian forces were able to kill the Israeli General Albert Mandler. Mandler at the time was actually commanding the Israeli troops in contact with Egyptian forces that were crossing the Suez Canal. Among the Israelis, it was felt that the death of General Mandler WAS the result of RADIO INSECURITY.

It seems that General Mandler was actually talking on the radio with his superior, General Gonen, at the time of his death. The exchange between Gonen and another Israeli General at the exact moment went like this:

"OC Southern Command Maj.- Gen. Shmuel Gonen’s last conversation with Maj.-Gen. Albert Mandler. Gonen, communicating by radio with Mandler on the Egyptian front, asked him a question. There was no reply. Gonen, turning to Ezer Weizman, said that ’Albert has been killed.’ Weizman’s reply? ’What nonsense, you ass.’"

It must have been that the Egyptians intercepted the radio conversation of Mandler and Gonen, identified Mandler, located his position, and quickly massed fires against Mandler's position. Probably multiple-rocket-launchers [122 mm]. A battalion [18 firing units] firing simultaneously on the same target can obliterate an entire grid square [1000 meter by 1000 meter map square].

It seems that there were recriminations among the Israeli commanders following the death of General Mandler.

Some, such as Gonen, seemed to believed that the death of Mandler WAS due to RADIO INSECURITY.

Other were not so sure.

According to Chaim Herzog, one Israeli carried an experiment in RADIO INSECURITY to an extreme in an effort to disprove the hypothesis that Mandler's death was due to injudicious use of the radio. According to Herzog, this Israeli general placed himself out in the open and broadcast his identification and position doing so IN THE CLEAR. NOTHING HAPPENED!!??

So, was the death of Albert Mandler due to RADIO INSECURITY?? My guess would be YES, it was!!



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