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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Traitors VI. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

This is my own personal comment about the status and treatment of American traitors from World War Two [WW2].

You can recall from previous blog entries the fates of William Joyce and John Amery, the two Englishmen, who made propaganda broadcasts for the Germans. Both men were hung, and hung within a month of being convicted.

Contrast the fates of Joyce and Amery with that of Pound and Toguri, the latter two having also having made propaganda broadcasts for the Axis powers. Pound and Toguri ended up leading relatively secure and prosperous lives. Pound of course was declared a babbling idiot and did spend time in a mental prison. Toguri too spent time in prison, but was later exonerated and did lead a prosperous but secluded life. Hanging was not in the cards for either one of the two American "traitor" propagandists.

And think of the fate of Yamada. Collaborated [can it be called less?? I think not]! But survived and prospered in a pretty big way after the war. Was he executed by being hung from a meat hook placed under the back of his skull? NO!! Was he sent to mines in Appalachia or Colorado and worked to death mining coal or lead? NO!!

It seems that American justice against "traitors" after WW2 was very tempered. Some may say too much so??!!




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