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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


This is coolbert:

 It seems some prominent backers of John Kerry have just yesterday made statements directed at President Bush that can be only categorized as intemperate, rash, and poorly serving of the man they back for President, John Kerry.

These men all said that they made these statements without the behest of the Kerry campaign, but nonetheless, this only makes the situation worse with regard to the name calling and vilification of the candidates based upon things that occurred or did not occur over thirty years ago now.

According to Cecil Roberts, head of President of the United Mine Workers:

"When John Kerry was dodging bullets in Vietnam, George Bush and Dick Cheney were dodging the draft in the United States."

According to Mayor of Akron, Donald Plusquellic:

Bush was "hiding in the woods of Alabama" while, "Kerry was defending our country."

Plusquellic further stated that: Bush is a "draft dodger". [well, he did serve six years honorably in the National Guard].

According to a Congressman from Ohio:

Kerry was, "a man who was carrying guns through the jungles of Vietnam while George Bush was neglecting his military service and carrying out his responsibilities as a cheerleader at Yale University." [from this I think I can reasonably infer that this Congressmen is suggesting that Bush is a femme and wuss. The guy did his six years as a fighter pilot in the National Guard.]

This stuff continues and worse.

A Kerry spokesman said:

"many thought it was the height of hypocrisy for people who hadn't served to disparage someone who had." [The only people that have questioned Kerry's service were ex-comrades-at-arms from Swift boat operations in Vietnam. Ex-Navy veterans from Vietnam. Both Bush and Cheney have never said anything disparaging about Kerry's service, on the contrary, they have lauded his service.]

This is really bad stuff. Not called for. It should have never even have happened in the first place. Why is it going on? And becoming more shrill with more invective of a type not seen since the 1960's at least. First, gadflies from the Kerry camp begin a name calling campaign against Bush. Then partisans from the Bush camp retaliate. Then Kerry's supporters retaliate. And so it goes. Bad stuff!



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