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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Israeli Atomics IV.

This is coolbert:

Rahavam Ze'evi!

9. First printed in 1982, the book by the Israeli novelist Amos Oz "In the Land of Israel" contains an interview which perhaps gives some insight into the whole subject of Israeli nuclear weapons.

In the chapter entitled, "The Tender Among You, and Very Delicate", Oz interviews a person who is identified only as "Z". A careful reading of the chapter allows one to reasonably infer that the person being interviewed was the accomplished and controversial Israeli Rahavam Ze'evi.

A man who was assassinated by the PLO in 2002.

Read about Ze'evi by clicking here, here and here. [this man was a really "heavy hitter" within Israel].

Ze'evi served in the most highest echelons of the Israeli government, as a high ranking military officer/advisor/parliamentarian/cabinet minister.

 Prior to his active duty retirement, was perhaps the second highest ranking officer in the Israeli military. So this is a man who would presumably have an intimate knowledge of the Israeli capability in the nuclear arena, if it does exist.

Oz quotes "Z" in the following and intriguing manner:

"And then the Jewish People will have only one option left: to come home and soon, all of them, and to install steel security doors, and put up a high fence with machine guns stationed at all corners of the fence, and to fight like hell against anyone who even dares to make a peep in the neighborhood. If anyone raises a hand against us, we'll just take away half his land, for good, and burn the other half. Including the oil. INCLUDING BY NUCLEAR WEAPONS." - - Ze'evi?

And further:

"Listen friend, if that celebrated Jewish mind had spent less time saving the world . . . and had hurried up a bit, only ten years, and set up a tiny, Lilliputian Jewish state . . . and invented in time a teeny-weeny atom bomb . . . and nobody in the whole world would have dared to lay a finger on the Jews. . . It would have been enough just to have a bomb like that in some Jewish storage shed in a tiny little state . . . and no Hitler would have dared to come near a Jew . . . do you really think it was beyond the power of world Jewry to create a tiny state with it's own tiny bomb?" - - Ze'evi?

Well, here, Ze'evi does not categorically say that Israel does have the a-bomb. But it surely does seem to be on his mind. And that passage, "INCLUDING NUCLEAR WEAPONS" does certainly seem to suggest the Israelis do have the a-bomb, does it not??!!

And could the Jews in the years prior to World War Two [WW2] have built their own a-bomb if they had their own state at the time??

Perhaps if they had the raw materials. They certainly had the greatest minds in physics in the world at the time. Most of the most prominent scientists working on the Manhattan Project were Jewish. Oppenheimer, Rabi, Teller, etc.

And financing would also have not been a problem, or so I perceive it. Donors from world Jewry would have presumably been able to get together the two billion dollars if necessary [this is what the U.S. spent in developing the first a-bombs].

Getting the raw material would have been the hard part. And enriching it to produce the fissionable U-235 needed for the gun type a-bomb would have also been difficult. Even a country as large and rich as the U.S. during WW2 had three simultaneous immense projects going at once as the process of enrichment was not understood well enough to decide what course was the best to follow.




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