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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Israeli Atomics III.

This is coolbert:


5. In the late seventies [1970's], it seems that development of atomic weaponry by various countries throughout the world began to escalate.

This was the result of a multiple number of factors. Factors that foremost involved southern Africa, and perhaps included the peripheral BUT VERY IMPORTANT ROLE OF ISRAEL.

One factor was the incursions into Angola of foreign communist forces.

Soviet/Cuban/East German military contingents arrived in number, in support of the communist government of Angola.

Especially arriving in number were large numbers of Cuban combat units, as mentioned in a previous blog entry.

It looked for a while that these communist forces, after consolidating their position in Angola, might actually become involved in further fighting in southern Africa, in opposition to the "white apartheid" regime in South Africa and the white dominated regime in Rhodesia.

South Africa in particular saw the possibility of confrontation with Soviet forces and was greatly alarmed with the prospects of having to deal with foes that possessed weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons [Soviet Union]. South Africa did see a need for deterrence against this threat with nuclear weapons of it's own.

Secondly there also existed an informal alliance of so-called "rogue" ["pariahs", "outcasts"] nations.

This informal alliance consisted of Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, Taiwan, and possibly Paraguay.

These countries did cooperate with one another.

Each nation did possess something that the other nations wanted to some degree.

For instance, South Africa had mineral resources, including uranium, and wanted to build a bomb. Israel needed those mineral resources, and did have the theoretical and perhaps practical knowledge of building an a-bomb.

Taiwan had access to high technology, electronics, computers, that were perhaps unavailable to a country such as South Africa. It is also reputed that Taiwan did extensive research into developing it's own a-bomb, and did computer simulations of their design, simulations that were successful. But it is also reputed that Taiwan scrapped it's a-bomb project for unknown reasons [U.S. pressure???].

It seems that there was cooperation between the various nations of the "rogue" states alliance, the goal of which was to build and test atomic weaponry of very sophisticated design.

6. This weapons development seems to have come to a head in the late 1970's.

On two occasions, it seems that the U.S. Vela family [click here to see a site that describes Vela] of satellites DID detect two nuclear detonations from the vicinity of Prince Edward Island, in the south Indian Ocean.

Prince Edward Island is a territory controlled by South Africa and is sparsely inhabited, perhaps uninhabited.

Click here to see a site about Prince Edward Island.

The story goes that the South Africans towed a large barge out into the ocean, with the atomic-bomb on board, and detonated the weapon as a test.

A test of a special type of miniaturized atomic weapon, a nuclear artillery shell.

Now, it is one thing to design and build a Hiroshima style bomb and know it will work from computer simulations. I think it is intuitive to realize that building an nuclear capable artillery shell involves design and technological development of magnitudes beyond that of conventional nuclear weapons.

Supposedly the rumor was that this artillery shell was to be used in the South African G3 howitzer, a artillery piece designed by the famous Dr. Gerald Bull.

7. After the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa, F.W. De Klerk did admit that South Africa had a nuclear weapons program, that it had been successful in developing a NUCLEAR ARTILLERY SHELL, that five had been constructed, but that NO ACTUAL TEST OF THIS WEAPON HAD BEEN DONE. Furthermore, De Klerk said that the program had been dismantled and the weapons destroyed.

8. Well, if that is the case, that South Africa did have nuclear weapons, but did not test them, what did the Vela satellites see??

Perhaps it was the Israelis conducting tests of their own nuclear weapons??

Perhaps also nuclear artillery shells.

And doing so with the cooperation of the South Africans.

South Africa providing the raw materials and infrastructure for the development and test of the weapons, but not actually detonating the weapon themselves??

 Some skeptics have said that what Vela saw was actually what is called super-lightning. A nuclear test WAS NOT seen on two occasions.

To which I would ask, how many times before or since that has super-lightning been seen in the vicinity of Prince Edward Island??

Read about this whole Vela "incident by clicking here.

To be continued.


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