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Friday, February 13, 2004

This is coolbert: To combat the U.S. invasion of Japan [Downfall], the Japanese intended to make widespread use of suicide bent troops. Now, this tactic has positive and negative results. The kamikaze aircraft at Okinawa are the only military force that accounted for more casualties than they claimed. The kamikaze claimed that at Okinawa they had sunk something like two hundred U.S. naval ships. That actual total was over two hundred fifty or so. But at a very heavy loss to the kamikaze. And suicide tactics can also backfire too. Such tactics create an impression in your opposition that the force using suicide is comprised of hopeless fanatics that cannot be negotiated with or dealt with in the normal manner. Much as we see in the Middle East today. Lets the recipient of the suicidal attacks know what exactly the war is about and leaves no doubt in their minds as to the intention of the suicidal enemy. Expect the persons on the receiving end of suicidal attacks to become themselves just that much more fanatical, uncompromising and determined to defeat you, and much more ruthless in their methods too. See what is happening in the Middle East right now.



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