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Monday, January 26, 2004

This is coolbert: Here is a good web site to go to for info on the current war against Al Qaeda: .This is evidently a private investigatory agency that does a lot of searching the internet and "jihad" web sites to glean information of an intelligence nature. Well, these folks may be very good at doing this. A lot of private investigatory agencies use ex-intelligence personnel [one of the staff at this site does give his bio as being ex-intel] for their work. And a lot of PI agencies are very extensive users of public web sites that have data bases and such. Able to glean intelligence by examining the jihad web sites for the type of statements that these jihadists like to make prior to "events". Precursors of activity. Sort of "revving" up the jihadists in anticipation of an event. The PI pros are probably good at doing this sort of stuff. If they were not, they could not make a living doing what they are doing. You may want to bookmark this site for future ref.



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