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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


This is coolbert:

Here is another one you have to put in the "OH SHIT, OH DAMN!!!" category.

"China Has the NSA For Lunch"

Thanks to StrategyPage.

Read it over. Very interesting and disturbing.

After over sixty years of frenzied work in the intelligence and security field, the U.S. government is still UNABLE to differentiate friend from foe to the degree desired. And after taking monumental efforts to make sure security is sound - - yet still - - this sort of thing occurs!!?? Incompetence at a major level of command is to blame??!! We probably will never hear the full story!

Clever, guileful, inspired and successful Chinese intelligence service operation at work!! The characteristic signature of Chinese intelligence at work too? Working ONLY with Chinese nationals or ethnic Chinese, regardless of citizenship! ONLY!

Someone should have seen this coming a long way off!!

With the bonus of being able to feed DECEPTION to your main rival in the world!!

"A penetrated secret service is just not a bad one: it is an appalling liability" - - John Le Carre'."




Anonymous Anonymous said...

The staffing they have in Hawaii for this is large and very expensive. Translators of Chinese were used in large numbers, but the government appears yet even to have acknowledged that large numbers of spies were included in those allowed to emigrate from China. If you allow several hundred thousand highly educated spies to settle in your country and infiltrate security sensitive operations, what else can be expected? The Chinese immigrants can be controlled by threatening to kill, imprison or torture their many relatives in China. A useful lead might be to determine if an immigrant from there has a somewhat larger number of relatives living there. JSBolton

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