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Sunday, December 30, 2007


This is coolbert:

Flash. Here thanks to Harry, KTB Sharkhunters. []

"New Russian 'hybrid' not a car, but a diesel/electric AND NUCLEAR submarine already undergoing sea trials, probably to replace the KILO Class diesel/electric boats."

[previously it had been thought that the Lada Class diesel/electric only Russian submarine was the follow-up to the Kilo!]

A "hybrid"? Combining "diesel/electric AND NUCLEAR" power plants all in one sub? This would be unusual. It is usually one or the other, NEVER both!

Such a submarine would allow for unlimited range, fast speed while in cruise mode, and then "stealth" [diesel/electric] while in the attack phase of a mission?

Such a submarine would have to be of large size? Allowing for an impressive array of weaponry to be carried on board too?

More later when available.




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