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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Designated Marksman II.

This is coolbert:

Designated Marksman [DM]


Way back when in 1958, the Soviet Army already had conceived of the role of designated marksman. Again, NOT a sniper as the word sniper is generally and commonly understood. A marksman equipped with an accurate, scoped, SEMIAUTOMATIC rifle that would enable a designated shooter to provide rapid and precise fire at long range in support of an infantry squad or platoon.

Again - - way back when in 1958 the Soviets already saw the need for the designated marksman [DM]. Almost fifty years BEFORE the U.S. military also saw the need for a DM. What does that say??!!

And such a weapon, able to provide accurate, precise, and rapid fire on targets in support of the infantry squad or platoon was developed and fielded.

The Dragunov SVD rifle.

"The SVD (Russian: Снайперская винтовка Драгунова, Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova), "Dragunov Sniper Rifle", is a 7.62 mm [a 7.62 X 54R round, slightly longer than the NATO 7.62 X 51 round used in the M14] semi-automatic sniper rifle, developed in the former Soviet Union . . . designed by Dragunov . . . Extensive testing in variable environmental conditions resulted in E. F. Dragunov’s design being accepted into service in 1963 . . . Since then the SVD has become the standard squad support weapon of several countries . . . including . . . Iraq (as the Al Kadesiah)."

Is being used by the Iraqi insurgents right now, as we speak. Used against U.S. troops. Al Qaeda too has these rifles and trains the villains in the use of same. This is a deadly, accurate, and very potent weapon - - IF USED IN THE RIGHT HANDS - - THAT OF THE TRAINED MARKSMAN!!!

"Extensive testing in variable environmental conditions"


"The PSO-1 sight . . . The PSO-1 scope includes a variety of features . . . an infrared charging screen that is used as a passive IR detection system. The PSO-1 sight enables targets to be engaged at ranges upwards of 1000 m; effective ranges in combat situations have been stated at between 600 to 1300 m, depending on the quality of ammunition and skill of the shooter."

That passive IR [infrared detector] was to be used to shoot out the active IR emitters found on American tanks and armored personnel carriers. Passive FLIR [forward looking infrared low light visibility capability was not developed and fielded at the time the SVD was developed. To use IR, some sort of active emitter was necessary. The designated marksman could engage U.S. active emitter IR targets in the dark using a SVD and the IR detector on the PSO-1 sight!!

"Above the main gun [on the M48A5 tank] was a 1 million candle-power Xenon searchlight. This light had both a white light and an infrared mode. It was boresighted with the main gun and gunsights so that it could be used to illuminate a target at night."

That searchlight in either the white light OR THE IR MODE would have been a main target for the Soviet DM!

Here an interesting web site about Evgeniy Dragunov. Developer of the SVD. An outstanding weapons designer by any standard. The Soviets and now the Russians do have some talented people who design good stuff!!

"In 1958 Dragunov accepted the challenge of designing a semiautomatic sniper rifle . . . more than a simple sniper rifle. Along with high accuracy and the substantial range of fire, the weapon had to be lightweight, compact, and capable of semiautomatic fire."

"Dragunov was an accomplished and enthusiastic target shooter and his shooting skills proved very useful in the war as well as in his subsequent career of an arms designer. He never missed an opportunity to take part in competitions and tournaments and did it with fairly high scores."

Dragunov KNEW exactly what went into the "makings" of a good "sniper" rifle, designed to be used by the designated marksman according to Soviet concepts. His abilities as a marksman stood him in good stead!

The Soviets and now the Russians - - fifty years of the U.S.? At least in weapons design? NOT only the weapon itself, but the concept, the doctrine for employment thereof!


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