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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gay Bomb.

This is coolbert:

Put this one in the "OH MY" category.

"Gay Bomb: Story Behind The Story"

The "gay" bomb - - "a chemical weapon which made soldiers irresistibly attractive to each other."

Could such a thing exist? What would be the purpose? Render the enemy soldier passive and weak and make a femme' out of him? Could it be so?

NOT so fast Sylvester!

Read the article and you will find the rest of the story.

"Harassing, Annoying, and 'Bad Guy' Identifying Chemicals proposes development of a mind-altering aphrodisiac weapon for use by the US armed forces, as well as other biochemicals, including one that would render US enemies exceptionally sensitive to sunlight."

Chemical agents that would assist in a counter-insurgency environment to aid in identifying the "bad guys"? Incapacitating agents that would render an enemy combatant ineffective?

"US Army proposals to weaponize narcotics that were made at the time have moved forward. These include proposals such as Antipersonnel Calmative Agents and for development of opiate and sedative biochemical weapons."

Make the enemy soldier calm, sedated, passive, inert. Yes, that we can understand. Make you "gay"? NO!



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