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Friday, June 08, 2007


This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog:

"I can only hope that US or Israeli intelligence is putting some bad recipes for explosives and stuff on these jihadi websites. Seems like a good way to kill some of the enemy, sow mistrust between them and to make them lose confidence in their own websites and ability. This would be a great way to really jam these guys."

This is an idea that has merit. Maybe is being done right now.

This sort of attack on the jihadi could be done in all sorts of ways.

To include: [but not limited to]

* Placing "pirated" software on the web sites that is dangerous for the user.

Software for crypto security that is guaranteed to be effective, and yet possesses "trap doors" that allows the unintended recipient to READ the message. Instead of providing security, the bogus software allows someone to READ the supposedly secure message.

Hacking software that might "APPEAR" to be valid, but instead destroys [a virus] the jihadis computer after a period of time.

* "bad recipes for explosives and stuff". False bomb making recipes? For instance, the formula and method for making cordite rocket fuel could be "messed" with so that the rockets will just "fizzle" or blow up in the users face and KILL them? Whoa!

With regard to placing bogus bomb making recipes on the web, someone is bound to say that this is illegal. You might be taking away a persons life without DUE PROCESS! When a American citizen who was also a jihadi was killed by a Hellfire missile in Yemen, I remember HEARING THIS EXACT ARGUMENT BROUGHT FORTH!

[during the war between the apartheid South African regime and the rebels of the ANC, there was evidently an instance of where the government forces had found and "messed" with an ANC weapons cache. Placed instantaneous fuses on hand grenades. An ANC fighter would be blown apart the moment he pulled the pin and threw the grenade. This must have have had a really chilling effect on ANC morale!!]



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