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Sunday, June 03, 2007


This is coolbert:

Again, from a comment to the blog:

"Why not a 155mm gun? A 57mm seems a bit weak for fire support, at least to me. If you go take a look at the size of the 57mm vs. the 155mm I know what I would want to call in if I needed it. The smaller 57mm doesn't impress me as effective for dug in and motivated enemies. Why not get the biggest gun possible to rain hell on the bad guys when artillery support is needed?"

Well, maybe here is the answer.

AMOS. Advanced Mortar System (AMOS)

In the tracked vehicle, turrent mounted version, "a twin barrel 120mm, breech loaded mortar".

"The system is designed for ultra-rapid fire rate, reaching a claimed 26 rpm burst, with multiple rounds simultaneous impact (MRSI) at 14 to 13,000m range."

Range out to 13,000 meters and FIRES THE PRECISION GUIDED MUNITION MORTAR ROUND [BOMB]!! Can fire up to twenty six rounds per minute!!

Dig this now:

"An interesting derivative is the AMOS naval version . . . The ability to fire a mortar from a moving vessel at sea, should open a new perspective for future in-shore naval combat support."

There IS a naval version already being tested.

Modular construction of the litterol combat ship [LCS] should allow for a turret to be installed as task tailored for the mission. 57 mm gun or the AMOS as required?? Use some sort of UAV for location of targets and terminal guidance of the PGM mortar bomb!?

This would seem to be a valid solution to the shore bombardment question?!

[since the 57 mm gun is based upon a Swedish design, there should be no hesitancy to develop and adopt a Swedish turret mounted mortar system for the LCS as well. Quick, dirty and available way NOW to improve the LCS "concept"?]



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