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Friday, June 08, 2007

Achtung - - Minen!! I.

This is coolbert:

Once more to the subject of the famous [?] British General Sir Percy Cleghorn Hobart.

[I must apologize to the General. In a previous blog entry I had referred to him as Claghorn. Correctly the name is Cleghorn.]

An imaginative British armor officer of World War Two [WW2].

Having been retired from active military service prior to 1939, was serving as a corporal [!!!] in the British Home Guard before being recalled to active service.

Is the type of slightly eccentric but brilliant military officer the British seem to produce. In the same mold as Wingate, Lawrence, etc.

Played a very crucial role in the D-Day invasion and in the subsequent ninety day Normandy campaign.

Hobart was instrumental in developing and bringing onto the battlefield a whole range of combat engineering vehicles of the most innovative designs. Primarily designed to defeat beach [Normandy] and anti-tank defenses, but, also being applicable in other combat engineering situations.

[the term combat engineering vehicle [CEV] would not have been used during the WW2 era. The various engineering vehicles as promoted by Hobart and used by the British in WW2 were called for the lack of a better name "funnies"!!]




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