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Friday, May 25, 2007


This is coolbert:

There has been at least since 2004 a rather notorious video circulating around the Internet.

Shows an American helicopter [an AH-64?] using a 30 mm chain gun to massacre a group of Iraqi “farmers”.

Placid, peaceful, unsuspecting Iraqi “farmers”, NOT even knowing what is happening to them, blown away in a cold, dispassionate, calculated, and casual manner by American aviators.

[one man is wounded, crawling on the ground, and is killed by a second burst of 30 mm fire. “HIT EM’!!”]

For NO apparent reason.

Proof of cold-blooded but trigger-happy American aircrews having some "fun"??!! This video has been a hot topic on the Internet.

Please keep in mind, however, that this video on the Internet is an EDITED version of the original. YOU DO NOT SEE THE ENTIRE VIDEO.

In the EDITED version of the original video, you do NOT see:

One “farmer” handing off a rocket-propelled-grenade [RPG] launcher to another “farmer”. [others suggest this is a heat seeking missile launcher [SAM-7]]

"As for the items being farming tools, this is not true either. The weapon they're dropping in the field is a shoulder fired heat seeking missile. There were serveral more found in the vehicle along with RPG's."

Another “farmer” pacing off the distance for emplacing a roadside bomb [IED].

Peaceful, placid, harmless “farmers”? NO! Identified in advance as Iraqi irregulars of some persuasion. Legitimate targets of war identified as such by the helicopter crew prior to their firing on the “farmers”.

As for the wounded man crawling on the ground and his receiving a second burst of 30 mm chain gun fire - - this too may also be very well within the bounds of what is legal on the battlefield. Does anyone have a better handle on the legality of what was done?

[in the made-for-TV movie “The Winds of War”, a Japanese troop ship is torpedoed by an American submarine, several thousand [??] Japanese soldiers left floating on the surface after their ship sinks. The commander of the U.S. sub pronounces these unfortunates “legitimate targets of war!!”, subjecting the floaters to massacre via hand grenades and sub-machine fire!!]

Peaceful, placid, harmless “farmers”??





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fairly standard practice in the Pacific.

Eg Morton and the Wahoo. As for higher approval after the Battle of the Bismark Sea the USAAC and RAAF spent 3 days dealing with survivors.

7:36 AM


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