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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Noah's Ark?

This is coolbert:

This is an entry for which each and everyone of you is going to have to decide for yourself.

When you read this stuff, at least for me, you have to take a step back, take a deep breath, and say "Whoa Boy!!". "Could it really be??!!"

Noah's Ark has been found??!! By military intelligence imagery of the United States??

Please bear in mind that the Bible says that the ark of Noah landed on the MOUNTAINS OF ARARAT. NOT necessarily Ararat itself. But the range of mountains of which Ararat is a part??

This object sighted by U.S. Air Force reconnaissance in 1949 has been dubbed the Ararat Anomaly. An object high on the mountain that SEEMS TO RESEMBLE A HUGE BOAT!!

"The photos were taken by an Air Force plane on June 17, 1949."

Was not only sighted by American photographic reconnaissance, but has been seen by numbers [??] of military fliers even in the years prior to 1949.

"1941-1944: During World War II Mount Ararat was flown over hundreds of times by flights from the United States air base in Tunisia and the Russian facility in Erevan. At least three sightings were reported: 1) Two Australian pilots, 2) One Russian pilot, 3) Two USAF pilots, but many more were rumored. The USAF fliers took pictures of the Ark which appeared in the Tunisia edition of 'Stars and Stripes.'"

[to this point, only the 1949 photos have been declassified?? Photos from the U-2 and satellites would allow for greater resolution? This 1949 photo could NOT have been made from a U-2, as that aircraft did not fly until the mid-1950's!]

"During a HQ USAFE mission on June 17, 1949, the US Air Force found an 'anomaly' -- or unusual structure -- on Mount Agri (Mt Ararat) in Turkey. The matter was passed to the CIA, who sent U2 and SR-71 spyplanes to get a better look. They named it The Ararat Anomaly. The CIA then commissioned imaging from CORONA and Keyhole-series photoreconnaissance systems (spy satellites)."

"According to the CIA, the U-2 photographs of the Ararat Anomaly will be released in the next few months as part of a batch of hundreds of thousands of spy photographs taken on U-2 and SR-71 spy plane missions between the 1950s and mid-1970s. CIA spokesman Tom Crispell said the release of the U-2 photographs will contain pictures of the Ararat Anomaly. But other photos taken by KH-9 and KH-11 high-resolution spy satellites are not likely to be made public any time soon, intelligence sources said. World famous linguist Charles Berlitz's 1987 book 'The Lost Ship of Noah' describes several expeditions, including a 1916 discovery by the Russian Imperial Air Force, which sent 150 men up the mountain to explore a large object measuring as long as a city block."

[the expedition in 1916 was sent forth by the Czar after some Russian military aviators ALSO spotted the reputed ark.]

This is not the only place in the vicinity of Ararat where an "ark" has supposedly been discovered. As I said previously, the Bible says the ark landed on the MOUNTAINS of ARARAT, not necessarily on the mountain itself. Another ark landing place has been proposed, that site TOO having been found through analysis of U-2 "spy" photography. This particular site in question was found by A TURKISH MILITARY OFFICER WHO SAID HE SPOTTED AN OBJECT ALSO RESEMBLING A BOAT!!


[it is known that the border area between Turkey and the old Soviet Union WAS of intense interest to American and British military planners in the late 1940's. The British in particular did a GROUND-BASED photographic reconnaissance of the entire Turkish-Soviet border using a specially constructed telephoto panoramic camera.]

I think that everyone realizes the importance of what this will mean, if Noah's ark is indeed found!! The implications are staggering??!!




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