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Friday, May 25, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here are some web articles that describe the post World War Two [WW2] German partisan campaign, “Werwolf”.

[in German, the spelling is werwolf.]

Was actually cited by Condeleeza Rice as being a phenomenon occurring in the aftermath of German capitulation. A phenomenon that the Allied occupiers of Germany had to combat.

German die-hards, SS men and Hitler Youth, combining to form a German resistance, waging guerrilla/partisan/insurgency against the American, British, French, and Soviet occupiers.

"It originally had about 5,000 members recruited from the SS and Hitler Youth, and specially trained in guerrilla tactics."

"Werwolf was converted first into a terrorist organisation, and then largely dismantled by Heinrich Himmler and Wilhelm Keitel in the last few weeks of the war."

It would seem that “Werwolf” existed mostly on paper and in the imaginations of Nazi propagandists and devoted followers of Hitler!

"Some historians, including Antony Beevor have argued that the werewolves never amounted to a serious threat, in fact they are regarded by them as barely having existed."

To the extent that German resistance did occur, was primarily of the gangsterism, black marketeering type of criminal behavior, and NOT organized guerrilla warfare.

Estimates of up to 6,000 allied dead POST-WW2 just seem to be grossly overstated?!

Guerrilla/partisan/insurgency warfare just does not seem to be suited to the German national character. NOT only abhorred by the traditional soldier, but NOT something the German would even engage in themselves.

“Werwolf” was a much-to-do about nothing!!?




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