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Monday, January 22, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here is a web site that has a video of the "Kehoe shoot-out". Came across the site by accident. Only reinforces my previous blog entry about the instinctive reflex action [the crouch] a human will assume when a position of great danger.

Note that the state highway patrolman [Ohio] and Kehoe [standing on the far right], have both assumed the crouched position [both in the video are also backing away from one another as they fire].

There was another gunfight between a group of neo-Nazi storm-troopers and members of a communist "youth" group some years ago now [North Carolina?]. It could not be determined who fired the first shot. The whole episode was filmed by the media as if watching a sporting event. It was clearly visible that the "shooters" on both sides adopted instinctively the crouch position AND BACKED AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER. Just as in the video of the Kehoe "shootout".

For all the bullets fired between the state trooper and Kehoe, NONE hit. In such a situation, all that time at the range with carefully aimed shots at a paper target trying for pin-point accuracy is for naught!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was just a show on TV, I think it was the Military Channel, about the gun fight between the LAPD and bank robbers a few years ago. These guys had body armor and automatic weapons and ended up in some really ferocious close range shooting with the cops who were similarly armed. The whole think was filmed by news helicopters. I don't think any police were shot and one of the robbers ended up shooting himself!
Looking at the footage, the cops and robbers were shooting at each other from yards apart with automatic weapons, and for the most part, nobody got hit. Really wild.
If anybody can find the footage, i'm sure it is on youtube or ogrish. I don't have the time to search for it, I'm at work.

12:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found it. My bad, it looks like about 12 cops were hit in the incident, both suspects ended up dead. The wikipedia article is pretty good, and there are links to the video on Youtube.

2:48 PM


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