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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is coolbert:

 The Return of the Taliban!

They are talking this evening on National Public Radio [NPR] about the resurgence of the Taliban. They are back. Villains are again on the loose. And in numbers with resolve. Presenting quite a problem for NATO forces. And recall, Afghanistan is now a NATO operation.

How much of a resurgence? Well, consider this. During this current winter of 2006-2007, there are more Taliban related incidents and attacks than during the summer of 2005. This is really worrying.

Especially as the winter is a time in Afghanistan when you might expect the bad guys to lay low. Winter in Afghan is no piece of cake. The temp right now in Kabul at 6:25 A.M. Kabul time is -7 deg. C [19 deg F.]. Cold! And the five day forecast looks almost identical to that predicted for Chicago. Cold and unpleasant. Kabul is of course much higher in altitude [5800 feet] than Chicago. And in the mountains, EVEN MUCH colder. It gets down to -40C [-40F.] at altitudes. A cold bear. Does not seem to bother the Taliban!

[those Afghans lead a rugged life. Their feet are so tough and leathered from going barefoot all their lives they do not even need footwear of any sort, much less boots!]

Unfortunately, the villains are in this for the long haul. Nothing seems to dissuade them. Does NATO have as much tenacity as the Taliban? I doubt it.




Blogger tvoh said...

"Unfortunatly, the villains are in this for the long haul."

Of course. Where can they move to, Southern Cal? Unless genocide is an option, they will win.

7:35 PM


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