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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is an article that only reiterates something that I have mentioned before.

How the Israeli, under such persons as David Ben-Gurion, attempted and succeeded in creating a "fighting Jew".

Unseemly womanizing and skirt-chasing done with relish by high-ranking Israeli military officers becoming part of the equation. Or so it is purported.

Manly men acting manly??

"Israeli machismo slams into the law."

"For decades, rumors that some of Israel's top military officers and government ministers considered sexual encounters with female employees a seigneurial right were widely tolerated.

"sei‧gneur - –noun, 1. a lord, esp. a feudal lord.

"A society built partly on the conscious effort to project an image of strength tended to overlook such harassment. In fact, a certain amount of male rakishness often added to a prominent man's allure."

"The founders of Zionism sought to create "the New Jew" - aiming to transform Jews who lived in the diaspora, perceived as bookish and weak, into men of muscle and power."

It is well established that Ben Gurion and the other Zionist "founding fathers" had a low opinion of the European "ghetto Jew". A pious but poor man, hunched over, always at the mercy of his tormentors. They considered such persons to be poor examples of men. A new land could not be won by force of arms with such raw material for soldiers. The "fighting Jew" had to be created.

And in this, the Zionists may have succeeded too well. As I have said, Ariel Sharon is the archetype in this regard.

From "bookish and weak", into "men of muscle and power".

And it seems, hyper-sexuality too!!

Here is what Victor Ostrovsky had to say about the subject:

[Ostrovsky is of course the ex-Mossad katsa [case officer]].

"I'll never forget what I saw next. There were about 25 people in and around the pool and none of them had a stitch of clothing on. The second-in-command of the Mossad - today, he is the head - was there. Hessner. Various secretaries. It was incredible . . . Most of them were female soldiers to the office [Mossad], and were only 18 to 20 years old . . . some of the partiers were in the water playing, some were dancing, others were on the blankets . . . having a fine old time vigorously screwing each other."


[Ostrovsky was recently living in Phoenix and had his own talk show. I was able for a while to listen to archived broadcasts. But that has been some time now.]



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