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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lawn Darts.

This is coolbert:

It has been reported that in the southern part of Lebanon, upwards of 200,000 persons will be delayed in returning to their homes. For as long as two years!!

This of course in the aftermath of the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah.

There is so much unexploded Israeli munitions laying around. Unexploded munitions mostly in the form of bomblets from cluster weapons. About 1 millions "lawn dart" bomblets it is estimated.

Those cluster weaponry I have blogged about recently.

As much as 40 % of Israeli cluster munitions did not detonate. This is a very high and unexpected percentage to fail. The area of southern Lebanon appears to be strewn with the "lawn dart" bomblets from dropped bombs.

This poses a severe problem to say the least. Getting rid of all that "stuff" is not so easy. You just cannot walk around and pick the "stuff" up. All those bomblets must be categorized as "armed" and ready to detonate. The slightest nudge or jostling can set the "thing" off. With disaster being the consequence. Anyone within a radius of 200 meters is at risk. Extreme care will have to take in removing this ordnance.

Normally, the procedure to destroy the "lawn darts" would be to place a small piece of plastic explosive NEXT TO the bomblet and detonate the plastique'. The bomblet is blown up in the process. This is the safest and most sure method. Hard to do if the bomblets are strewn over a populated, built-up area.

What they need in southern Lebanon is that contingent of fifteen hundred South African contract workers [mercenaries] just recently returned from Iraq. Are expert at clearing minefields and guarding pipelines. Performed these tasks in Iraq with distinction. Apparently performed their tasks in an admirable fashion, save but for several the entire contingent returning home unscathed.

[some dispute the contention that these folks are involved in land mine clearing operations. I cannot say for sure.]

If anyone can approach the cluster munitions problem and know how to handle, it is these guys.

More work, and no rest for the weary!!




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