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Sunday, June 25, 2006


This is coolbert: J.S. Bolton, commenting on my blog, writes:

"One could also project that enclaves of hostile nature, are being appeased and will be allowed to metastasize into hostile micro sovereignties, inside the boundaries of the very heartlands of civilization.

Suspicion might then arise, such as even to see this as having been the idea for some time. Foreign war is not so great a booster of power for officials as domestic warfare.

Such enclaves could soon have their own postage stamps and armies, the appeasement is that extreme in several countries.

Later, the officials having obtained war powers and dictatorship throughout the relevant countries which, tellingly, have been the most resistant to despotism, the enclaves would acquire all the hostiles in such a country, and be squeezed out in warlike manner, out and beyond Europe"

Key words and phrases here are:

"enclaves of hostile nature - - being appeased - - metastasize - - hostile micro sovereignties - - very heartlands - - a booster of power for officials - - own postage stamps and armies - - appeasement is that extreme"

What are we talking about? We are talking, in the most extreme case here, of the banelieus of France. The enclaves of Muslims that so erupted in violence for weeks on end ALL OVER FRANCE.

The banelieus, suburban high rise housing projects, and the areas immediately around them, have become and are now hotbeds of armed resistance to the government and people of the host nation, France.

These high rise housing projects were to be TEMPORARY HOUSING for guest workers, almost all from Islamic nations of north Africa.

Became NOT temporary but permanent decrepit housing for disaffected and angry people who are born in France but who are not French.

NOT French in that they do not share French culture, history, outlook, etc. They are nominally and legally French, but see THEMSELVES as the other. In their own eyes they are not only downtrodden, but possess a superiority as well. Being Muslim, however incidentally so, they are inheritors, again, in their own minds, of a superior way of life [Islam]. Despising and hating all that is French while living among the French [at least residing in the country itself].

These banelieus have become criminal havens and recruiting grounds for jihadists.

Extremely so.

The French police did a count of how many of these banelieus had become NO-GO areas for the French cops. They stopped counting in 1999 when the total reached 1000.

A NO-GO area is an area where the police cannot patrol in an ordinary manner. Hostility in the banelieus is so great that the French police - - IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY - - cannot enter unless with a large force, and then with weapons already drawn. And in 500 of those NO-GO areas, the cops KNOW they will be met with force.

What has happened here?

Criminal gangs, jihadi recruiters, and just plain angry and disaffected "youth" have managed to arm themselves and organized to the point where they CAN resist and stop incursions by the French police. These armed villains have become the prevailing force in the banelieu. The French government has TOTALLY LOST control over sections of their own land!!!!

The villains become the ones that take it upon themselves to enforce norms of behavior, and will use physical force to enforce those norms. What was once ONLY A STRICTLY HELD PURVIEW OF THE GOVERNMENT IS NOW IN THE HANDS OF THE OTHER!!

Can and DO TOO!!!

[these groups are even more heavily armed than the cops are!! Arms are smuggled in from eastern Europe. Once gun free and shooting free western Europe is a place of the past. At least in the banelieus.]

Micro-sovereign nations of thugs, metastisizing [growing as would cancer], to all parts of France. This was thought to be a problem just relegated only to the environs of Paris [??], but is now all over.

[the U.S. has large enclaves of disaffected folks living in the center of the large metropolitan areas. Suburbia is "white". In France, the situation is reversed!!]

In the Heartland of Civilization too! Europe, all the nations of that continental and cultural entity, has this problem now. And appeasement does not seem to help. Only makes matters worse.

The villains and thugs DO take over the functions of government and rule by their laws. This is an indication that the problem is NOT just cultural and poverty driven, it has a large political dimension.

It is said that underground Sharia Islamic courts exist in different part of Europe. Muslims do not even use the existing legal system of the host nation, but have established and use their own court system, using their own laws, and enforcing their own norms, EVEN USING FORCE TO DO SO!!!

[in the movie "The Battle of Algiers" a scene is shown where a young man and woman are getting married. They are married by a FLN official, one of the rebels, who says, "this [the marriage] is perhaps even more important than the armed struggle". What he is saying is that the Muslims were doing away with the French governmental authority and now governing themselves.

"Muslims all over the country also initiated underground social, judicial, and civil organizations, gradually building their own state."

French authority and sovereignty did not matter any more and did not EXIST!!

[there was a famous incident in France decades ago now that demonstrated how extreme this situation has become. French police in Marseilles were chasing some bank robbers in a car chase. The bank robbers drove into the Muslim quarter, whereupon the French police stopped, as if a brick wall had been instantly been placed in their path. The police refused to go further, saying that if they did, they would be mobbed and murdered within thirty seconds or so. The French authorities had to gingerly approach the Muslim elders and without fanfare attempt to PERSUADE the elders to assist them in apprehending the bank robbers. And that was DECADES AGO!!]




Anonymous JSBolton said...

France is the example of this, definitely. My question is, why would officials cede portions of their sovereignty, unless they hope to gain thereby? The currency in use would be power more than money, presumably. This is why I suspect that the goal is to inflame conflict; that is, the goal of those participants who know what they're doing and where all this will end up.

3:15 AM


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