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Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here are a whole bunch of web sites you can access for further information on David Rubitsky, if you so desire.

It seems that David has been for some time a growth industry. His story is like the Energize Bunny, it just keeps going and going.

Almost beginning to assume the proportions of a minor Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory!!

These are various sites, pro and con.

David did have his own web site, but it seems to be right now "Under Construction".

This is the original article from the Joseph Farah web site. Was published in 2001. That of course is three years after the last U.S. Army review of the case.

Here is a rebuttal from a reader to the original Joseph Farah Article.

This is the reply of Joseph Farah's to what he describes as an "inundation" of letters regarding the Rubitsky case.

This is David's web site. Go there and see for yourself what is what! [there is nothing to see!!]

This site is NOT complimentary of David.

A blog web site that copies the Joseph Farah article from 2001. This blog done in 2004. The Energize Bunny at work.

Another uncomplimentary web site. Contains a letter sent to Les Aspin in 1989. This story has been around for some time now.

Here is the web site story from the Embassy of Papua New Guinea. David did get this award of the MBE [Most Excellent Member of the British Empire.]

This story is dated January 2006. David is alive at 89 and going strong. Still searching for that MoH.

Here is a letter in a forum from a man named Nordlander. Describes himself as first being a supporter of David, and is now a naysayer.

[I sent Mr. Nordlander a post asking what is the status of David's case. Wonder if I will get a reply??]

Here is an article by a man who is also a naysayer of David. A native of Papua New Guinea. Maclaren Jude Hiari is ALSO A MBE!!! Same as David!!

Here is a letter written by David to the people of Papua New Guinea.

Here is a scathing and sarcastic letter by Mr. Nordlander.

This web site repeats the story of David and how he got the MBE medal.

Scroll down on this web site and you will see a link to another site which too is not accessible for some reason.

What is described here is how the most compelling evidence supporting the claim of David was found.

It seems another veteran of the 32nd Division's campaign in Buna collected photos off the bodies of dead Japs. Found one letter that had writing on the back. This was translated for the man at a Beni-Hana restaurant. The letter purportedly written by the Japanese Colonel who COMMITTED SUICIDE OVER THE DAVID INCIDENT!!!!

The letter that was later determined by American AND Japanese sources to be a forgery???!!!

[this also raises the question of fraud and perjury in my mind. Let us suppose that David and his supporters are innocent folks just trying to right a wrong. However statements, affadavits, sworn testimony, and I don't know how much of that exists, constitutes legal documentation. The U.S. government must HAVE spent a whole lot of time, energy, MONEY investigating this case. If this is all a whopper of a tale, then anyone participating is guilty of fraud and perjury. Subject to criminal or civil prosecution!! I sure hope NOT!!]

Consider also the comments of an informant of mine. A man who during the Vietnam War was qualified as a Small Unit Commander [infantry]:

"I believe he did it and I believe he was denied the MOH was because he is a Jew. There are other stories of such exploits by others due to the fanatical nature of the Japanese soldiers. They were trained from early childhood to die for the Emperor. So this could have easily happened. In 'Citizen Soldiers', Stephen Ambrose describes how a single fire team of American troops in the Ardennes backed by a single machine gun killed hundreds of German soldiers as they assaulted during the Battle of the Bulge, marching in formation and dying the droves as they attacked in the Battle of the Bulge. So, the story is completely believable to me."

Okay, enough for David already! Again, you all be the judge!



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