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Saturday, June 24, 2006


This is coolbert:

All throughout World War Two [WW2], but seemingly PRIMARILY at the very end of the war, pilots of both the Allied and Axis airforces [American, British, German, Japanese. But - - NO Russian!!!???] began reporting interesting encounters in the air.

But NOT with opposition aircraft.

With what allied airforce pilots termed "foo fighters".

["Foo Fighters were reported by the British as early as September 1941, with regular sightings by all sides continuing, except for a several month lull in 1943, throughout the war."]

Phenomenon that no one had ever encountered before. Objects that had an other-worldly aspect to them.

What became termed in the post WW2 era as UFO's.

The kind of stuff you would see on the "X-Files" TV series.

Objects, flying in formation with high performance military aircraft and executing aerial maneuvers of a sort that conventional aircraft of the time, and for the time thereafter also, just could not do. Objects that mysteriously would appear and then disappear.

"They were known, however, for their high rate of speed and agility, being much faster than any known aircraft at the time as well as being extremely maneuverable, often exhibiting highly unconventional abilities such as instantaneous acceleration and deacceleration, rapid climbing and descent, and hovering in place."

Objects of certain specific shapes and types. Such as:

* Flying fireballs. "two large, orange glowing balls approaching him." "strange glowing balls".

* A small metallic like disc [wedge shaped too]. "a small disc". "spherical, circular, disc-like, or wedged shaped 'bogies',"

There WAS NEVER a satisfactory explanation as to what the "foo fighters" WERE or ARE.

Explanations HAVE offered as to what the phenomenon was. Such as:

* German flying saucers.

"Stories also persist that the German's also had developed small automatized flying discs. One version was called the Feuerball [fireball]. Another, capable of vertical takeoff, was referred to as the Kugelblitz. According to stories, these craft were only armed with devices designed to interfere with the electronics of nearby airplanes.

The Feuerball and Kugelblitz stories seem to parallel tales of "foo-fighters" told by Allied pilots during the war. Despite this it seems unlikely that Feuerballs and Kugelblitzs were ever actually built or flown. The "foo-fighters" observed were probably some purely natural phenomena. No Allied plane ever reported being attacked by a foo-fighter and it is likely that if the Germans had invented a device capable of tracking planes as well as the foo-fighters apparently did, they would have soon armed it with some effective weapon."

Plus, interrogations of German pilots AFTER the war revealed that Axis pilots TOO had encounters with "foo fighters".

* Ball Lightning. Controversial, observable, but inexplicable natural occurring phenomenon. Ball lightning is just something so ephemeral in nature that it cannot be studied. This is the sort of thing that most folks WOULD accept as being the reason behind the "foo fighters". Naturally occurring phenomenon just not known or studied or understood by modern science. "Foo Fighters" are something for which there IS a reasonable natural explanation. Something that CAN be understood, but is just NOT!!

Of course, the appearance of "foo fighters", coming as a result of WW2 and the detonation of the first atomic weapon, opened all sorts of speculation in the minds of UFO enthusiasts that this was the observational spacecraft of alien beings watching mankind on the road to destruction. A type of "foo fighter" was seen in the area of Trinity Site just after the detonation of the first a-bomb.

"the first nuclear explosive device on Earth was set off. Shortly after that test and especially so after the war the general New Mexico area was inundated by "green fireballs." Theoreticians in the Air Force believed the fireballs were propelled objects and not natural phenomena, bearing a very close similarity to Foo Fighters."

What has been the appearance and observation of "foo fighters" since the end of the war? ARE military pilots flying high performance aircraft STILL seeing the objects?? Seemingly NOT! OR are they??

Who knows!!??




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