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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ivory Coast.

This is coolbert:

"And he said to his people, See, the people of Israel are greater in number and in power than we are. Come, let us deal wisely with them, lest they multiply, and it happen that when any war breaks out, they also join themselves to our enemies, and fight against us." - - Pharaoh of Egypt.

The movement of illegal immigrants to the U.S. has become a really hot topic for discussion.

These are illegal aliens that are called by all sorts of euphemisms.

Illegal aliens. Undocumented workers. Or just undocumented persons. Migrants. Illegal immigrants, illegal migrants, etc.

We are talking here about persons primarily from Mexico, but not confined to that nation. Entering and staying more or less permanently in the U.S. Doing so in an illegal and conscious manner. Living as would a native born citizen, but illegally.

The question should be asked, "do these persons endanger in any manner the national security of the U.S.??".

And the answer is YES!! Most assuredly so!!

There is a recent historical example that demonstrates that this COULD be so!

The Ivory Coast.

West African nation, part of sub-Saharan Africa.

[sub-Saharan is the term used to describe the black African nations of Africa, in contrast to the Arabic speaking, mixed race nations of northern Africa.

Ivory Coast, at one time a colony of France. Was for many years.

Upon gaining independence, became a model for the rest of sub-Saharan Africa as to how a black nation could grow, prosper, and enjoy freedom and rights. A place envied in much of black Africa.

A nation that had a large ex-patriate population of French nationals. Running essential services, providing medical care and educational facilities that contributed to the overall success of the Ivory Coast.

Had a burgeoning economy. An almost booming economy that attracted workers from the nations neighboring the Ivory Coast.

Many of those workers being illegals. Did not have the permission or the papers to live or work in the Ivory Coast.

Only several years ago, the economy of the Ivory Coast took a nose dive. Went south, as they say. That booming economy was no longer booming.

The need for workers became minimal. Extra bodies just needed to make the "economy grow" were just not required any more.

The central government of the Ivory Coast attempted to persuade and then order the migrants and illegals to go home. This did not work. The migrants and illegals became resentful and refused to return.

In fact, began a rebellion that was largely successful. The migrants and illegals did NOT ONLY NOT GO HOME, THEY TOOK A GOODLY PORTION OF THE PLACE OVER!!

This was totally unexpected. The army of the Ivory Coast was small and unable to dislodge or retake territories lost to the illegals.

Right now, about one half [1/2] of the Ivory Coast is now under control of the illegal aliens. THEY have become the power in the area.

Nor is this just a recent phenomenon. See this blog entry comment from someone called Wampuscat:

"This situation is not new. The Roman Empire, during the long duration of its decline, experienced substantially the same difficulty. The less “civilized” polities directly across its border raided and pillaged the Roman Citizens when possible. When the extorionate Roman taxes and lack of armed protection left this landscape with a population deficit, and when the adjacent “Barbarians” were being, in turn, pressed by more warlike peoples, they would frequently move over to the Roman Empire Territory and petition the Empire for permission to remain as subjects. The Empire allowed them their boon more often than not. If they promised to pay taxes, their request was heard with additional attention. Sometimes, they actually paid the promised imposts."

OH, my!!

This sort of thing CAN happen!! While I would not say that such a thing CAN or WILL occur in the U.S., why should anyone have to run even the risk of rebellion happening? Measures should be taken well in advance to prevent even the possibility of such action being taken by migrants and illegals.



Anonymous JSBolton said...

Another alarming example of illegals taking territory by force is the eastern Congo. Several million people have died there in the last decade as foreigners from Rwanda etc., formed marauding armies. This is said to have occurred mainly from people being pushed, by warfare, into districts which were untenable for normal life expectancy. Drugs were unavailable in such places, while diseases were all the more easily contracted. If competition for sovereignty is what war is about, the encouragement of just that sort of competition from illegal aliens, would seem to be war-promoting in itself.

3:19 AM


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