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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Strategic Defensive.

This is coolbert:

With regard to the strategic defensive, improved weaponry gave the advantage to the defender. This trend started in the period just prior to and during the American Civil War.

In previous posts I have mentioned that Wellington was a master of the strategic defensive. Invade the enemies territory, choose ground superior for the defense, and goad the enemy into a reaction. Fight the enemy on ground of Wellington's choosing, adopting a defensive posture. Wear down the enemy force awaiting the right moment to initiate his own offensive action.

This combination of strategy and tactics proved successful for Wellington on a number of occasions.

Seems that Wellington intuitively sensed the advantage of the strategic defensive.

And this was fifty years or so before the invention of the conoidal bullet and the rifled musket.

How does this jibe with the contentions of Dupuy? I don't know. Seems that technology was not the only factor involved here. Of course, verities of De Puy [defense is the stronger form of combat] must be accepted in broad general sense. Perhaps this is the issue and answer.



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