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Thursday, March 04, 2004

This is coolbert: Air defense for U.S. ground forces seems to be an area sorely lacking. Other than the Stinger and perhaps some APC mounted 20 mm Vulcan guns, I cannot think of any other organic air defense for U.S. ground forces.

Now, some may say that the Stinger is all that you need. And that guns and such are now obsolete.

Buy from foreign manufacturers what you need in excess of Stinger when necessary and you are all set. Rapier or Roland are two SAM weapons systems one may have in mind.

Those large caliber AAA [anti-aircraft-artillery] systems are a thing of the past [or are they??].

As I recall, the last effort to build a gun system for U.S. ground forces was the DIVAD system. Take a M48 tank chassis, add a newly designed turret with two BOFORS Swedish designed AAA guns, and use the radar currently in use on the F-16 fighter plane, and, voila, you have a mobile DIVAD system. Never seemed to work right and was eventually scrapped. And seems to be nothing new down the pike either in the works. I guess our military has decided that the USAF can gain aerial superiority and supremacy and there is no need for AAA or further development on new SAM systems.