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Monday, March 01, 2004


This is coolbert:

The hunt for Osama I find to be similar, or at least it should be similar in nature, to the hunt that went on for Pablo Escobar.

The Columbian drug narcatico who terrorized Columbian society for decades in the seventies, and eighties, and into the nineties.

The hunt for Pablo began in earnest at the behest of first President Bush. It seems that the catalyst was the downing of a Columbian airliner with over one hundred people on board. This plane was downed by a bomb with the sole intent to kill one person on board. An American official who to my knowledge was never properly identified [he must have been some DEA or intelligence officer]. Someone that Pablo really hated.

Well this downing of the airliner was the last straw for Pablo.

To get him a special Columbian Army unit was formed.

Specially trained 120 man unit to hunt and kill Pablo and his lieutenants. Trained by ex-U.S. Marines to a very high standard. Members of the unit were all single men, chosen especially for that factor.

Began the hunt by finding and eliminating as many of Pablo's lieutenants as possible. Cut the support out from underneath Pablo and put him on the run and keep him on the run. Finally got the location of Pablo through an intercepted cell phone conversation, moved in, and killed Pablo and twelve of his body guards.

In the process of fighting Pablo, this special Columbian Army unit, commanded by a General, came up against some really rough customers. Lost about sixty troops killed in the entire hunt. And in the process, fought and defeated the best mercenaries in the world, British and Israeli mercenaries working for Pablo as security and bodyguard types.

Keep in mind my previous post about the size of the unit you need to have when you are hunting for a small number of persons or just one person. You do not want or need overwhelming strength in numbers. Just quality and top notch training of a small unit and leadership coupled with intelligence on your target.