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Tuesday, March 09, 2004


This is coolbert:

Trevor Dupuy is of the opinion that Clausewitz [the bloodthirsty Prussian] was a genius of the first order.

A philosopher the equal of his contemporaries, Kant and Schoepenhauer.

This may be true.

But Clausewitz is not rated as such by the general public or by academia.

Academia in particular would have a problem with this. Military subjects, military arts and science would not be considered a subject for proper philosophical discussion.

Rather it would be anathema.

Given that war and war-making has been a constant dimension of the human experience, throughout say 5000 years of recorded history, it would seem that a study of the philosophy of war would be a subject worthy of interest at least within military circles, if not for also a dedicated group of scholars, civilian and military.

I am sure that in some cases this is true, but is rather the exception that the rule.

War colleges, staff colleges and such would find the writings to Clausewitz to be germane.

To what extent this is done I am not sure.

Probably not to the extent it should be!



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