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Monday, June 25, 2007

Otto I.

This is coolbert:

I did some research on the all-time ace German submarine commander from World War Two [WW2].

Otto Kretschmer. My apologies to the commander. I had previously spelled his name as Kretchmer. A trivial error.

Otto unfortunately passed away a few years ago now. Did survive WW2 and had a stellar post-war naval officer career as well!

Will not be able to confirm or deny that he sighted the Flying Dutchman.

Is maybe impossible anyhow. Otto DID NOT have any combat cruises off the Cape of Good Hope?

Otto Kretschmer did have a remarkable military career.

First as a distinguished U-boat Captain.

"a German U-boat commander of the Second World War, and was the most successful Ace of the Deep." [most ships sank with greatest tonnage.]

Then after capture, as a prisoner-of-war [POW] as well.

"After his capture he spent more than six and a half years in British captivity . . . he maintained contact with BdU."

While a POW being held captive in Canada, did maintain contact with U-boat command [BdU] in a surreptitous manner. Plotted escape and return to Germany.

A plot that was thwarted by allied intelligence.

Finally, Otto became a senior officer in the post-WW2 German Navy, retiring as an Admiral with honors.

"In 1955 Otto Kretschmer joined the Bundesmarine"

"He retired in September 1970 with a rank of Flotillenadmiral."

Otto Kretschmer was an Anglophile? Spoke excellent English and had spent time in England!

"Before the 17-year-old Otto Kretschmer began his naval career he spent eight months in Exeter, England where he mastered the English language."

Treated crews of ships he sank with honor and what can only be call CHIVALROUS behavior.

[much in the manner as Captain Rogge of the Atlantis did.]

Otto Kretschmer, the GOOD German!




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