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Saturday, March 03, 2007


This is coolbert: "Think we King Harry strong" - - "Henry V" - - Shakespeare.

[well, Prince Harry in this case.]

Prince Harry of England is deploying to Iraq. For a combat role with his regiment, the Blues and Royals. An armored unit for which he will be command of four Scimitar reconnaissance vehicles.

Having decided to make a career for himself in the British Army, and having just graduated from the military at Sandhurst, Wales [he is known among his colleagues as Wales], sees this as an opportunity.

Being third in line for the British throne, he is to be commended for his resolve.

[after the Queen, the succession is to Charles, then William, the eldest brother, and then to Harry.]

The decision to deploy was taken under consideration of course, at the highest levels of the British government, military, and the royal family.

The current royal family of England does have a good record of military service.

The grandfather of Harry, Philip, was a serving naval officer during World War Two [WW2] and did see combat action.

"In 1940 he served on HMS Ramilles . . . In 1941 he was transferred to HMS Valiant, a battleship stationed in Alexandria, Egypt . . . Later service in the war saw Philip promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and serving during the invasion of Sicily. Philip was also present onboard HMS Whelp at the surrender of Japanese forces in Tokyo Bay."

[Philip was chosen as a suitable consort for Elizabeth based upon his manliness and no genetic defects in his family line. A man strict with his sons who in a determined fashion made men of them. He evidently has succeded and passed on positive traits.]

Charles the father did considerable peace time military service, trained as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Navy [RN].

Andrew the uncle was also a helicopter pilot with the RN and did see combat action during the Falkland Islands war. Flew decoy missions to deceive on-coming Exocet missiles. Andrew did see hazardous duty, just flying in the waters of the south Atlantic being dangerous of itself.

"Throughout the conflict Prince Andrew flew on various missions, including Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface Warfare search (ASuW), as well as acting as an Exocet missile decoy; a hitherto secret tactic . . . He also helped in casualty evacuation, transport and Search and Air Rescue (SAR)."

The third uncle, Edward, did not fare so well at officers school for the Royal Marine Commando, quiting before qualification.

Harry knows his duty and is ready to serve.

Finding persons of his stature with that attitude is rare.

It has been suggested by critics of his deployment that his being in Iraq will make him and his unit a tempting target for the jihadi. That will just to have be taken as it comes. Better him there than NOT!! I have a suspicion that the troops serving under him will be loyal to a fault and eager to have him as their commander!!




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The jihadis are already threatening to kill him. Par for the course I guess.

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